How to make my 10 months old male German Shepherd more aggressive?

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Elay: How to make my 10 months old German Shepherd male more aggressive ?

I have 10 months old German Shepherd dog, I got him since he was 2 months old.
When I walk with him and dogs bark he just got scared and go back, sometimes he cry.
He is not barking even if someone enter the gate of our house, he just stay at the back part of the house.

How can I make him more aggressive and brave ?
I just want my dog to protect my property, and not be afraid from other dogs.

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Answer by Midwest
Don’t! Do you know how many people would love to have him. He sounds perfect!

I’m trying get my dogs not to bar when people walk by our house!

All I can say is socialize – bring him around other dogs (slowly.. keep your distance and take baby steps) then he will get more confidence.

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  1. brooker81503 says

    I would have to see this all in action, including your reaction to how your dog cowers. Do you punish the dog when he does this? Or do start petting him saying it ok etc.? Either would be wrong and make it worse. Ignore the behavior and keep taking him in new places with a calm attitude.
    If this is what you have been doing then I would say you have a dog with poor nerve and you can't change that. Making a dog with poor nerve aggressive is likely to get someone bit that doesn't deserve it.
    Remember he is not yet mature, some times dogs act goofy at this stage. When he is about 15 – 24 months this should go away if he has steady nerves and has had good training. Have you contacted the breeeder about this?

  2. Immortale says

    I don't think aggressive is what you want. i think what you mean is to just have your dog not be scared of other dogs. You don't want your dog to be scared of anything, but aggressive usually implies your dog starting it and getting into fights, which you don't want either. that's how lawsuits come in to play.

    if you want, a good option would be going through specific training, like personal protection training, which imo is absolutely amazing. and also make sure your dog continues getting plenty of socialization, especially as he is still a puppy. this is extremely important!

  3. Poco says

    How old are you? You don't sound like a responsible person that should even own a dog. You need to treat an animal with love and respect. That's what you will receive back from your pet. There are professional trainers who can teach your dog how to protect you, your family, and your home. If you can't afford a trainer then just treat your dog like you would like to be treated. You and your pet will be much happier!!

  4. D says

    he is already brave and you don't want him to be aggressive dogs are shy when they are away from their territory there is a big mean german shepard that lives down the street from me when he got loose he was like a baby he didn't want to bark or bite at all I am assuming that you want him as a guard dog just keep on feeding him and giving him attention he is still young just don't hurt him and treat him like family and do NOT cut his tail it may be illegal where you live and that will make him aggressive in the wrong way if something happened he will protect if you treat him right

  5. B3lla Lovess U &hear says

    he will get more aggressive over time enjoy it while you can lolz :) try chew toys to play tug of war with

  6. Becky says

    No, he does not sound 'perfect'. Dogs that go to the back of the property when a stranger enters are shy/fearful. A good shepherd should bark at any stranger – it's uncommon for one to quietly allow strangers to enter the property.
    While it's not all that unusual for a young dog to be intimidated by other dogs barking, they should 'recover' quickly and move on with guidance and encouragement from the owner.
    What you need to do is forget about making him more 'aggressive'. Attempting to do so with a dog that clearly lacks confidence is a recipe for disaster. A shy/fearful dog is one thing, a fear-biter is quite another.
    What you need to work on is confidence building. Talk to a trainer and come up with a plan for socialization, confidence building, obedience, etc. They can easily learn to 'tune out' other dogs and such if given a simple job to do, such as heeling and focusing on you as you walk by these dogs.

    You have time on your side as your pup is still young and may, with maturity and careful upbringing and molding, become a better watchdog for you. But you must work with what you have, limit your expectations and accept your dog for what he is.

  7. brenkenlyn says

    well you don't want him to be aggressive…then he would be too mean and then you would be asking how can i get my dog to be more submissive…what you want is for him to be sociable with other dogs and people. watch the dog whisperer for pointers on how to handle dogs like that…

  8. 5th Horseman says

    Don't. If you made him more aggressive, he could attack other dogs and owners instead of barking at them. He could attack you as well. He sounds like a nice dog so keep him that way. Why would you want him to be aggressive anyway? I don't get it.

  9. moondog says

    Aggression in dogs is usually caused by fear. Aggressive dogs are dangerous.
    Brave dogs are not aggressive, they are confident.

    Take him to obedience classes so you learn how to train him. That way he will recognise that you are his leader. At the moment you are not showing him any leadership and he feels vulnerable. He doesn't trust you to make the decisions so he decides to retreat.

  10. shannonmom says

    First of all, you don't EVER want to make a dog aggressive. You are asking for problems.

    It sounds like he was not socialized enough. Try taking him to the pet store with you, a dog park, a day camp, anything to get him around other dogs and people.

  11. Schnauzer Mom &heart says

    You don't.

    You do take him to OBEDIENCE training in order to strengthen his self confidence, and for you to learn how to be a decent owner.

    Trying to "make" a shy dog "more aggressive" is only going to end up creating a miserable (and dangerous) dog.

  12. Blue Sky says

    its said tht cutting of tail of dogs make them more agressive ,
    dont know in the case of german shepherd

    hey why so much thumbs down for me am serious , here in India they cut the tail of dober man

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