How to improve my boerboel dog’s jaw strength and grip?

Nkululeko: how can I improve my boerboel’s jaw strength and grip?
my 6mo boerboel has a lose grip when he tugs with my jack russel mix, he seems to loose everytime they tug. he has an enormous head and i want to make that useful, how can i improve his grip and jaw power, plz help me out.

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Answer by Orgasmos Gigantis
They are really magnificient dogs. You can get him some chewy toys to help out. Sounds like the jack russell is already encouraging him. Also check his mouth for any sores / swelling / bad or sensitive teeth.

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  1. Karen Fazio says

    Why would you want to destroy perfectly wonderful bite inhibition? Why do you feel the need for your dog to have a strong jaw?

    Please understand that this breed is naturally protective of its family and the family's small children. They are incredibly tolerant of small children and won't blink an eye even if children climb on top of it.

    This dog has the bite capacity of approximately 500 pounds per inch and has the ability to crush bone with one bite. The breed itself, prefers a game of fetch to a rough game of tug. They have no need to prove themselves by displaying bravado or even practicing it.

    They are effective watch dogs and they know it and have nothing to prove to anyone.

    If your dog has what's considered a "soft mouth," you should celebrate that talent. Having a dog with a soft mouth makes the difference between a dog, that when it gets its paw stepped on will yelp to the one that rips your leg off.

    Having bite inhibition and a soft mouth is one of the greatest talents that is taught to police dogs all over the world. Take the criminal down, hold him there, but don't cause any permanent damage. Just hold the criminal until police show up.

    If your dog possesses this ability you should congratulate yourself. Teaching bite inhibition is a talent.

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  2. Greek God AKA Greekm says

    Grip is genetic. You can help by using a harder, ticker tug toy, but, if he dog does not have the will to bite, he will not. Hope I helped!

  3. moondog says

    Oh, for heavens sake leave the puppy alone to develop at its own rate.

    Why do you need to strengthen his jaw anyway? He's allowing the Jack Russell to win the tug game, for chrisakes.

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