Which is a better dog an english mastiff or a south african boerboel?

kk: which is better an english mastiff or a south african boerboel and why?

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Answer by moof
That depends on what you want.
English Mastiffs typically have more laid-back guarding instincts than African Boerboels. ABs are more assertive about guarding the home. They tend to be more wary and reserved with all strangers. The EM tends to be more friendly toward strangers you accept.
ABs tend to strive more for dominance than EMs. While both require firm leaders, the AB requires a 110% calm, firm, assertive leader. It is in their nature to try to be "top dog."

EMs are typically way, way more mellow than ABs. Most EMs require relatively little exercise; they need a good hour of exercise over the day, then they're couch potatoes indoors. ABs are more active working dogs. They require more stimulation and need to be worked considerably harder.
ABs are typically more confident and independent than EMs. EMs are often "velcro dogs" who NEED to be with their family. ABs are a bit more indifferent and independent.
In my case, the EM is better. I like big, lazy and mellow. Maybe you want a dog with an "edge." I don't know, I don't know you.

Answer by When life gives you lemons
Sorry dont know too much about either breed except they are HUGE dogs!
Here is some info though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Mastiff, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boerboel
Hope this helps!

Answer by Cassie-DANE lover
Boerboels are extremely good guard dogs. maybe overly so
I looked in to the breed…and decided against it

Answer by Shirley
I have personally been a registered breeder of the SAB for 9 years. They are fantastic dogs and integrate into a family very well, they are not one man one dog – they protect the whole family unit. They are a little slower to teach than for example a Retriever, however, it is important that you maintain dominance as their character is domineering. Females are a lot less dominant than males, and are quite happy to take their place in the pecking order.
This breed and any large breed MUST be trained, because of their size and weight, all puppies are cuddly and cute but once they are 65kg, they just will NOT fit on your lap, and you will no longer be able to sleep in your bed, it will belong to your dog! I am a mother of 5 children and socialise my dogs AND my kids. There just is not a BAD dog or a BETTER dog, it depends on what your personal preferences are and your own level of commitment to your pets.

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  1. Beth says

    I've owned 3 Mastiffs...one very sweet and dopey, one very smart and social but would guard at night. The last which is female very much a trained athletic guard dog. The perception of couch potatoes or super laid back is correct to a point, they are always paying attention even when you think they aren't...IE sleeping/snoring when really faking it and watching a new person's every move. They rarely bark and can intimidate just with their presents and know it. I've only ever had one time when my male felt I was threatened. He backed the guy into a corner and wrapped his mouth around his arm to keep him from moving. He didn't even leave a mark and the guy was released on command and promptly told to leave. The guy had not bee invited to our home and had dropped in, found out later he had beaten his wife regularly. I trusted my dog completely on his judgment of people. Mastiffs are extremely loyal. As for the south African boerboel a friend of mine has one. A wonderful dog but needs exercise and can be a real handful because a bit more independent. With training a FANTASTIC dog for those on the go. If your into hiking or camping or just traveling a lot by yourself, I'd feel very safe with one along. The one thing I can say about both breeds, they are smart! think differently than other dogs, they are not for everyone. Experienced dog owners can even be challenged by these two breeds, but the rewards are high return on how endearing these guys are., I'd own both in a heart beat, keep in mind giant breeds are more expensive all the way around to own.

  2. mark says

    looking for a big guard dog, what do you have, I know boerbols, any thoughts to the english mastiff or boerbel, doubt my wife will want the drooling, how are AB on that issue? my daughter 17 and wife miss our large block head lab, want another protector, so I'm looking, and an eager buyer

  3. ABC123 says

    I know their energy level is a big difference. EM's will lounge around and are content as long as they're with you. I believe SAB's are more independent and have higher energy levels. SAB's need more exercise as EM's will enjoy a walk or light exercise, but nothing too stenuous.

  4. fun.notnuts says

    I've known a few mastiffs and they are such darlings. They look terrifying but they can be trained to be the biggest baby in the house.
    It is wise to get the upper hand while they are still pups, as early as possible. As pups they are really laid back unless you play-fight with them.
    As adults they are huge and you need to have them absolutely obey you very early on.
    With kindness and understanding and consistency and knowledge.
    I know nothing about the other dog.
    (some Mastiffs can be 300 pounds!!!)

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