How to get a dog to stay next to you off the leash?

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Sum L: How to get a dog to stay nect to you while off the leash?
I have a 2 year old Black lab. Actually she’ll be 3 in July. She’s an amazing dog and listens very well although when I have her off the leash she doesn’t listen as well and she’ll drift away smelling everywhere and going in the street etc. How do I get her to stay right by my side? I know it’s possible cause I’ve read about other dogs doing it, and seen other dogs doing it. Anyone have any advice?

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Answer by Hunter S
it can be dificult in a way but try petco dog training they know what to do! :-}

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  1. Shay R says

    Training, training, and more training. Labs are active dogs and love to run and swim. Labs, like any dog, are likely to be distracted by fast moving objects. Start slow by teaching her to heel. Walk at a pace you both are comfortable at.

    How to teach her to heel: Start with her next to you, have a treat in the hand she is under (can be left or right.) Let her smell the treat then walk slowly a step or two forward (start with the leg he is next to) and tell her "Heel". She should be right next to your leg the whole time. When you stop, put her in a sit and give her a treat. Every time you stop, she sits. Practice a lot and vary the distance you walk while she is in a heel. If she moves away, start over by putting her back into position next to your leg. Start adding distractions once she understands heel and will walk calmly with you for as long as you want her to. Eventually she will understand that she gets a treat if she stays next to you, but it will take a while for her to not bolt and to stay by you with distractions. You can also eventually ease off the treats.

    Never do this in a public place without a leash on, it will probably never work. Never let her off leash until you are certain she will heel or will come back to you when called. Some states don't allow people to walk their dogs off leash so check with that first.

    You could also enroll her in an obedience class, where you'll learn heel and all the other commands.

    Good luck!

  2. JoAnn S says

    You will have to use the leash until she understands what 'heal' means. But be sure she walks either beside you or behind you, never in front of you. Dogs that are in front become the pack leader.

    After you get her to heal, keep the leash loose and only use to correct her if she tries to get ahead of you. Once you have accomplished that, you can slip the leash through her collar, without actually attaching it to the collar. Slowly remove the leash as you are walking.

    It will take time and patience!

  3. Ani says

    oddly enough, with lots and lots of leash training. Train her to heel and to stay at your side on leash unless you give her a release command. After quite some time of this (took my schnauzer about a year) it will be safe to let her off leash for short intervals, and then gradually increase the time.

    Just use the leash to make her act the way you would expect her to off it and make sure she knows heel, come, and stay without mistakes. Try keeping her on the leash (but dont hold it tight) tell her to stay or heel, then randomly, without telling her youre going to do it, throw a toy or stick and dont let her go get it. Make her stay with you. Then, when she's staying nicely, give her a release command (usually "ok!" or "go get it!") and let her go fetch it for you.

    Doing that exercise will help her not become quite so distracted by smells and birds and other things she sees, so that when she is ready to be off leash, you wont have to worry about her running off after a butterfly or something.

  4. rajha says

    first make sure she is fully trained on leash then u can get something that is called a traffic leash thats the best thing to use for off leash training then in a place where she cant run away like a back yard practice while holding the traffic leash then let it go while see isnt paying attention if she goes farther then her shoulder to your knee pull her back do it bunch uf times u will be pretty good also practice come while on a normal lead do sit stay then come so if she does run she knows come

  5. decbaby8303 says

    ya, its called a leash. I don't care how well trained your dog is, it should be on a leash all the time when you are outside. I love dogs and not too many frighten me, but when i see any size/type dog off a leash i sure as hell pray to God that dog is VERY well trained, because even a person who is terrified of dogs will attracted a dog. I've had my dog on a short leash walking by people and they will still walk to the other side to get away, and hes only 15 lbs.

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