How do I get my 7 week old puppy to walk on his leash?

Sue: How can get my 7 week old puppy to walk on his leash?
This weekend was the first time my seven week old puppy experienced his collar and leash. When i put it on him he was fine but when i went to walk him he just sat down and bit the leash not wanting to move at all....I used treats but that did not work at all....What else can i do to him so he can walk?
7 week puppy
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Answer by Floopy
1) You shouldn't have a 7 week old puppy, 8 weeks MINIMUM and yes that week makes a difference
2) He's just a baby, you can't expect him to automatically know what to do with a leash and collar on right away. Put it on him for short periods of time in the house and gradually move it to outside for longer periods of time.

Answer by jus1dt

He is too young to attempt the leash. I'd say at least until he's 3 months old. What we did with ours was attach it to his collar and let him roam through the house with it. We even led him with it on with his favorite toy, bone, etc..then he forgets about the leash part and goes for his favorite. He gets positive conditioned that way. Good luck!

Answer by Angela
Everybody Who Is Talking About You Shouldn't Have A 7 Week Old Puppy Needs To Shut Up . Yawl Don't Know Her Situation . N Puppies Can Leave Between 6-8 Weeks Just As Long As Their Weaned . ! Don't Come On Here Talking Mess Like You Know Everything . Your Not A Vet So Stop Acting Like You Are . ! Sue You Can Try To Walk Him Around The House With The Leash On . That's What I'm Doing With My 7 Week Old Puppy . Does He Have All The Shots He Needs . ?! If So You Can Walk Him Outside . Just Walk Very Slowly Because His Legs Are Small But He Can Walk On The Leash . They Run N Walk Just Fine Off The Leash So They Should Be Good On It . !

Answer by jenna rose
The puppy is a little to young to walk outside he could pick up a virus, and to understand what walking is. Try to teach him using his favorite treats inside for now. Walk him outside and it could cost you money when he gets sick.

Answer by Christina
I have a 6 week old puppy and no i do not have her mother she is one of a liter of 8 puppies that was abandoned and left to die in a field and rescued by the ASPCA. So ppl please stop saying 7 weeks old is too young to even have. You dont know her situation. Im just trying to figure out at what age I can leash train her. Wont even attempt just yet shes too young. But at how old can I start?

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  1. ninassolo says

    He is still young..but thats alright. Puppies can leave their mom at 6 weeks if they are eating and doing great and have had their first shots. But right now he is still little..walking on a leash will be hard for him at first. Put it on him and let him drag it around ..try to get him to walk with you while he drags the leash. Give it sometime...A retractable leash is better for younger puppies gives them more room to walk without feeling the tug of the leash.

  2. Shelby L says

    why do u have a 7 week old puppy? i hope u also have the mother. he is still a baby so its gonna take a lot more than one try. try to relate the leash to positive things like treats i wouldn't start putting him on a leash for another 3-5 weeks

  3. xena says

    like all the sensible people have told you ****holes or not! you should not have a 7 week old puppy. unless you have the mother also!! You should not be putting it on a lead or collar, it's far to young! Also as well as everything else puppy treats should NOT be given at all until 3MONTHS at least!! get a manual!! He should not leave the house until he has had 2 jabs from the vet to protect him from killer bugs!

    • kimberly says

      I just got a 7 week old puppy... From a rescue center. With plenty of IAMS booklets & tips. I got free puppy treats too.. There is nothing wrong with having a young pup as long as he can eat on his own... & what about wild dogs who leave before then?? Or dogs whos mom died? You should read up some yourself before you go all mighty knower of all things.. Just sayyin

  4. Lucy ♫ says

    Right now, he's too young to walk a leash in my opinion. I suggest keeping him inside so he doesn't catch a virus that the shots do their best to prevent, like Parvo.

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