How to get a boxer puppy to stop biting?

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I ♥ 2 cheer!: How do you get a boxer puppy to stop biting?
We just got a boxer puppy, he is 12 weeks old, he bites and jumps all the time we can’t even go outside without getting bitten or all scratched up! Please Help!

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Answer by letthereberain
He’s a puppy! First he’s teething and he’s going to bite!
Try to give him a toy that you can stick in the freezer and give it to him, that’ll keep his attention for a little while.

Make sure he has plenty of toys. He’ll eventually grow out of it, but make sure you tell him no when he bites.

And if keeps biting get up and ignore him. He would rather have bad attention than no attention at all.

GOod luck!

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  1. natasha b says

    Congrats on the puppy. we have a 12 week old boxer pup also we have had him since he was 6 weeks old. any way he is just being a puppy. but being a boxer he will loe to jump. not to be rude but get the book Boxers for Dummies. it is a good book and has lots of good infor on the boxer breed. good luck with him

  2. baby boo says

    1) I have also done some research on this subject and the biggest problem that most new puppy owners have is the "NO" command. This command does more damage then good. Here’s why…..

    Puppies respond better to positive reinforcement. This means that they will want to be better if instead of saying "NO" say "good boy" or "good dog" this will make the puppy think that he would want to be a good. You can give them a pat on the head or you could give them a treat.

    But what puppy owners don't understand is that if you just yell/snap (not saying that u are) then you are contributing to the problem. it's ok to teach them the "NO" command but it's better to do that in time when your puppy trust you and you feel more comfortable with your puppy.

    2) Ok now another thing you can do is not to encourage this behavior. This means no aggressive playing with your bear hands. Like finger tug-a-war. (I know it's tempting but don't do it) this will only tell your puppy that it's alright to bite and that's play. In the long run this behavior can be very dangerous as an adult dog. It could seriously hurt a small child or another dog.

    3) When your puppy bites make a loud and high pitch screech or a yell (this will shock and confuse your puppy and would more then likely stun your puppy enough to have them let go and then quickly substitute your hand with an appropriate toy).
    Remembering not to do it too loud so that it hurts your puppy’s ears. A chew toy or a cold frozen baby teeter would work nicely (your puppy should be teething or about to teeth this will help your puppy with his gums). Then say "good boy"

    I hope this helps you.

  3. yomama says

    first off congrats when he bites he sees u as part of the pack u need to show him u r leader. u can turn away and ignore him totaly no yelling no anything just turn and walk away like his bros and sis' would do. or as a mom does when biting hold him down by his neck when my rottie use to bite be i would yell out ow at high pitch she never bit anyone playing or not. boxers r hyper when jumpin up just give him the old knee to the chest sont be afraid to hurt him ur not kicking him across the room just enough to knock him on his butt. or u can buy a jumping harness but i think ur able to handle him ur self. i got a boxer pup a few months back and she is deaf so physical and visual is very important and those have worked for me.(not the yelling out that was with my rottie)good luck

  4. kbtoyz69 says

    I have a 7 month old boxer we got him when he was 5 weeks old. We give him lots to chew on so he doesnt chew on us. When your ready to take him out pick him up take him out and if he starts to bite or jump take him back in. Keep doing this and he will learnt to stop biting or jumping if he wants to go outside , which he will want to do lots. They have alot of energy and will probably tire you out before himself. Enjoy they are a great breed of dog.

  5. Old Lady says

    He's doing what he did when he was with his litter mates. Give him things to keep his interest – like chew toys, balls to chase, etc., and when he jumps on you, step gently on his hind feet. He will quit jumping on you and that should help with the nipping. He is only playing since he is a puppy. Boxers stay "puppy" for a long while, so you do need to begin training him to sit on command, stop nipping (really important) and doing the things that you want him to do. He can learn at 12 weeks – and be a very well mannered dog.

  6. Fawnice says

    First you have to establish with the pup that your are the boss. You also must remain calm/assertive at all times. When puppy starts to bite on you, gently but firmly poke your fingers into the side of his neck and make a noise "tsk" noise when you do it; you must do this every time he tries to bite. If it's not working and he becomes more insistant, then gently take him and put him on his side or back and hold him there. He will squirm etc, but whatever you do, do not let him back up until he has calmed down and submits. After he's calm and you let him up, watch and see what he does. If again he tries to bite at you, go back to poking him gently in the side of the neck with your fingers making a 'tsk' sound. You must keep this up until he stops. What you're basically saying to him is, I'm your mom and you are not allowed to bite me. Samething goes for jumping on you or anyother behavior you don't want him to have.

    Be sure you are walking him at least 20 mins or more at a time each day. This will give you both a chance to bond, and will wear out some of that puppy energy he has. No, playing with him in the backyard and letting him run around is not a substitute for his daily walk. If you can walk him more than once, even better.

    Remember to remain calm/assertive at all times, and be consistent.

  7. paralyzer___181 says

    well its not just boxer puppies that scratch bite and jump up all puppies do that but what worked for me is grabbing their snout and keeping it shut for a while, and when they start whining let go and say no in a very firm voice and if that doesn't work enroll him in puppie school. Also it usually wears out with age.or just get up and walk away or give him a toy instead of your hand.

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