August 9, 2014

How old should chihuahua be to get fixed?

Question by bumbles98: How old should a male chihuahua be to get fixed?
I have a 5 month old male chihuahua. I was wondering how old should a male dog be to get fixed/sprayed. Our new vet is very expensive so I was wondering the average price it would cost for the puppy to get fixed too.

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Answer by bluebonnetgranny
4 to 6 months

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  1. you CAN nueter after 12 weeks but it's best to wait 4-6 months.
    My vet is also a little pricey and he cost $ 235 but shelters and other vets go from $ 50, so it depends

    ~Good for You for Nuetering~

  2. Puppies can be spayed/neutered any time after 8 weeks of age. Some people wait until just before the dog becomes sexually mature, sometime around 6 months of age, depending on the breed.

    Here's more info.

  3. show breeders sell s says:

    should be 6 months old and weight at least 5 lbs……cost me $ 141 today to get my male pomeranian neutered…he just made the weight chart by 5 ounces…

  4. 6 months and a couple hundred bucks

  5. myciarawolf says:

    Male pups can be neutered at anytime after 6 weeks of age – most people wait until they are 6 months (or just before sexual maturity) though before getting it done.

    (Before you all 'thumbs down' me for saying 6 weeks there is a vet near me who does it at 6 weeks and the rest in my city do it anytime after 8 weeks – ring a vet if you think I am wrong)

    It cost me $ 155.00 AUD (australian) to get my boys done at 8 weeks old.

    The cost of the procedure is based on the weight of the dog. I would phone around to see who has the cheapest price in your area.

  6. Your neighbor would be glad to spray your dog with the hose for free.

  7. Most vets say between 4-6 months but honestly you can get it done earlier. The humane society gets their puppies spayed and neutered at two months. So yes, most people say 4-6 months. Now is the time to do it. Price just depends on each vet. Expect maybe $ 100-200. Call your vet and ask.

  8. You pup is at the prime age to be neutered. Most male dogs don't reach sexual maturity until at least six to eight months old. It is better to get them fixed before you start noticing their humping and leg raising stage. It cuts down the risk of behavior problems down the line.
    I would also recommend going to a vet that dosen't use a lazer to do the surgery. I took two of the foster dogs for their nuterings, and after they both got horrible infections I switched vets. The lazer can damage sensitive tissue around the area they are cutting if it gets too close. It will actually burn it. I didn't know this until I took the dog to a vet that neutered the typical way of cutting.
    I also noticed that dogs that get the lazer castration seem to have extra skin that hangs between their legs while the dogs that have normal castrations don't.
    To me I don't like lazer surgery, but it is whatever you want.
    I hope this helps.

  9. 6 mos. old is usually the best time. Contact your local animal shelters to ask about who they would recommend for low cost neutering in your area.

  10. by expensive, i hope you mean 500 dollars, because 100 dollars is cheap and the average price

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