How old can a female Yorkie dog get pregnant?

KiKi: How old can a female Yorkie get pregnant?
I have a 4 months female Yorkie. She is only 2 lb 13 oz now. We want wait until she is older and bigger before spay her. But
I’d like to take her to my cusin’s home. She has male poodle. I want to make sure she is safe to become pregnant.
I mean, I don’t want my yorkie to become pregnant.

I had a Yorkie long time ago. She become pregnant by accident. She looked older and tired after the puppies born.

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Answer by camille t
are you trying to ask you want to make sure that she is safe from NOT getting pregnant? Dogs go through a heat cycle, and it is not like a humans heat cycle, because this is the time that they do get pregnant. She should be alright as long as she is not in heat.

IF you are trying to get her pregnant, she is MUCH to young.

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  1. Help says

    Your pet can become pregnant as soon as she has her first heat cycle,which can be anywhere from 7 months old and up to 1 year of age.

  2. Bambi says

    She is too young to get pregnant. She can't get pregnant unless she's in heat, which you would notice because her vulva gets swollen and she'll have a bloody discharge. But you can probably bring her to your cousin's house with no problem.

  3. daddy's girl says

    As long as she is not in heat you are safe, but if you are still concerned you can take her to petsmart and find the size diaper that will fit her and have her wear that when she is around the poodle.You want to make sure it fits proper, not to tight or to loose. There are nice people there who can help you choose the right one for her.

  4. nekkiddoglady says

    are you asking about breeding her? or wanting to make sure shes not old enough to get pregnant? The way you worded it.. it could go either way.

    Dogs typically come into heat around 6 months, some may start a little sooner or later than others. They should not be bred tho until they are 2 years old.. when they are mentally and physically mature.

  5. Kris L says

    Call your vet and ask if he doesn't have some sort of 'birth control' pill you could give your puppy while she is on the visit to your cousin's home (only if she'll be staying at least 'overnight') … most dogs don't go into their 'first heat' until they are seven months old, but I had a dog (of a larger breed) that got pregnant when she was only five months old … and your Yorkie would be 'much healthier' if you could keep her from EVER getting pregnant. (I assume that you didn't buy her to become a 'breeder' of more Yorkies … and because she's 'tiny' that is probably for the best). Otherwise, you could get some 'heat panties' that she can wear when she is around the male dog … they 'absorb' the blood dogs shed when in heat, and better yet, the prevent the male from being able to 'penetrate' to get the dog pregnant.

  6. DP says

    You can't breed her til she is 2.. 3 or 4 would be better.. Why do you want to breed Yorkie to Poodle.. That's rather irresponsible of you…

    I am saying a special prayer tonight.. Dear God.. I don't ask for much.. Please make all these people who have dogs and are planning a irresponsible / mutt / byb breeding… find that their dogs are infertile.. Thank You God!

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