How often should you walk a miniature pinscher dog?

chiquita: How often should you walk a miniature pinscher?
And should you start walking it as soon as you bring the eight week old puppy home or wait? And if so, how long do you wait?

And how long do you walk it for?

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Answer by IceBreaker27
Don’t by mislead by their small size! Min pins can walk for a looooong time. They love to walk and burn off all their nervous energy! As with all dogs, carry water bottles, take breaks, and keep an eye on your dog. I do 2, 45min power walks with mine, plus off-leash romp time in the yard. She is 9.

Puppies should be exercised with a ton of care – over-exercising a developing puppy is not a good idea.

But why on earth are you bringing an 8 wk old puppy home? That is way too young.

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  1. Phoebe says

    I just rescued a min pin at 6mos from a woman whom basically kept him in a basement and asked my veterinarian friend to euthanize him because he needed to walk too much. I immediately took him in. He makes me belly laugh with his antics. I walk him 3x a day. The food was changed to taste of the wild salmon.for puppies. His coat has changed, He is happy and healthy. I put a cpl drops of olive oil on his skin when it's dry. I also feed him fresh fruit and veggies. Polka Dog Bakery makes his treats and sells the good food he eats. I love my dog and the puppy days form your dogs health and happiness. Only use reputable breeders. Love Dougie Fresh and his mama.

  2. BYB's: Same as says

    That's young for a MinPin to come home. Toy breed dogs should almost always be 12 weeks, minimum. Sounds like a Puppy Mill or Backyard Breeder is being used. : (

    If your area is Parvo free, then 5-10 minutes a day is fine. No dog parks or anything until all his parvo shots are complete. Once those are complete, then you can start increasing as the dog ages.

    But honestly, I would not bring this dog home. Anyone letting a MinPin go home so early is not a good breeder and MinPins are known to have some pretty serious genetic problems that they can inherit – problems that run rampant in the lines of BYB dogs.

  3. DeeDawg says

    ok- you should only walk the pup in your own yard until it is finished with its vaccinations. parvo can live on the ground…

    the pup needs pee walks OFTEN. it should be walked for longer periods too, to help it get used to the leash. use a harness though, not a collar at this point.

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