What are some pros and cons of owning a miniature pinscher?

Maria A: What are the pros and cons of owning a miniature pinscher?
What are the pros and cons of owning a miniature pinscher??

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Answer by Anne B.
Miniature Pinschers are so cute. But they are dogs. They can be difficult to housetrain, are very stubborn, are mischievous,
and can be highly energetic their whole lives. They are not in general good kid dogs, as they do not have the patience level of say a golden retriever, and can also be very aggressive, and destructive if bored. They can bark nonstop and drive you crazy. They are also great escape artists, and once out, you will probably never see them again.
They are loyal, loving, funny, love to play, cuddle under the covers with you at night, and are highly social with other pins and other dogs in most cases. They can be taught to do agility, or many other tricks-very smart dogs.
I own two minpins. one is the cutest thing in the world and never has a bad hair day-she is so tolerant of everything. The other I wouldn't put anywhere near a child unsupervised, and don't even take her out in public much. I have two foster pins who are perfect gentlemen and adorable.
I find them highly entertaining and challenging. Great dogs!

Answer by Fijiman

i have one min pin, the pro – he is a good watch dog con- he is not friendly, will bite, is not a people person dog.

im pretty sure when the lady said ''nasty little devils'' she was probably joking, or else she wouldnt still have her dog. but she is correct, the breed has a reputation for being exactly how she described. just like other dogs have aggressive reputations. just because the other lady has a min pin and hers is a well behaved therapy dog, doesnt mean that the one you will get will have that same well mannered behavior. i have a friend who breeds min pins, and she will tell you pretty much the same thing. she always screens the people who adopt min pins from her and she makes sure that they are either previous min pin owners, or they are well informed about them and she requires that the people are already enrolled in training because if you dont start early early early, things could go very wrong. that is just how they are.

Answer by Ajilebxr
MinPins are not for the average owner,  but they are not by nature "nasty little devils" or unfriendly.  Mine is a certified Therapy dog,  and is very popular and enjoys the hospital and school visits.  Many are not good with kids and I would not recommend one for a family with small children because they are small and can be relatively fragile.

They are very bright,  very active,  and need to be socialized when they are young. They are not always easy to train as they tend to think of things that might be more fun than what you  are teaching them! They can be tough to housebreak.  They love to be with you,  make great snugglers and love to burrow under blankets.  They are aweome mousers — and really have very little fear!  They make great watchdogs.

They have very few health issues — and can live to be in their late teens,  some have survived past 20.
They just really need someone who is willing to work with them!

EDIT — my point is that is you are willing to work with them — a well bred MinPin is an awesome dog — BUT you have to be willing to work with them and socialize them.  Watch dogs do not have to be unfriendly or bite — they just need to be loud!

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  1. says

    I have a miniture pitcher its a small one and I'm a 11 year old girl and my little brother bothers her but she doese nothing (my dog ) but she knows she is protected from him and I protect her and my dog is pregnat and the most incredibal part is some ppl say stray dogs are bad but I got my dog from the street and she is no longer a stray

  2. brianna says

    I have 3 min pins. 2 boys and a girl. I dont agree at all with the statement that they are not good with kids. I have a 2 & 4 year old boys. I also foster min pins and find them very loving and tolerant of small kids. I also am part of a min pin lovers group that have many kids that get along great with kids. They have short hair and little dander. Smart and loving. Their favorite spot is under a blanket with their master. They love to follow you around the house and can be very calm at night. Cons are they LOVE to bark at anything. Though at night mine do not bark at all. They need lots of walking or they will get fat. Difficult to housebreak at first but once they get it they can be left for 4 or 5 hours without a pee break. Some can be great escape artist. Overall I definately recommend having a min pin as a loving family pet. They are extremely loyal and protective but very loving to their family.

  3. says

    I luv my mini pin but he is so loving,he lays on me constantly and i cant move.he sleeps on me when i sleep also so its hard to sleep.this is such a big hearted dog.hes one yr old and potty trained to go on newspaper or outside.he listens always until another dogs around.hes good with kids and cats.as i type this his heads on my arm lying.theyre very lovable.it took me 5 minutes to train him to sit.he is a pain in my butt though.he goes every where with me and even swims.hes arighthe hardly sheds and no fleas

  4. knockout85 says

    Well, one of my girlfriends has one and to be honest pretty much everyone of her friends hate it because its so yippy and annoying. This dog is also really possessive of my friend and is still not very housebroken.That being said, it is really cute but I don't really think that makes up for it's personality. Obviously this is just one dog so it could be the exception to the rule.

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