How often should i give my Rottweiler a bath!?

Burning Up <3: Rottweiler!?
My Rottweiler is 4 (im 13) sooo how often should i give her a bath?!
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Answer by egbrown1022
abouy every 2 weekends

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  1. J S says

    I am 13 too.I have a rott ,she is 4years old too.I give her a bath only when she need it.Don't give her a bath less an three weeks apart,because the rott can get red and scrachy skin.

  2. emmer13 says

    i have a rottweiler too.

    me and my family usally gives her a bath every month or so. you may want to too.
    but if she outside alot or a a lake or something, you may want to try to just spray her off every other weekend or something like that.

  3. R says

    Once a month. Any more than that can cause skin problems.

    But unless she rolls around in something incredibly disgusting, there is no need to give her a bath.

    After I go to the dog park, I wipe my dog off with dog wipes, I've never given him a bath in the 6 months I've had him.

  4. River Hermit says

    In summer time maybe once a month or unless she gets into something stinky & only with Dog safe shampoo's, they also have wipes for dogs. Too much bathing will lead to skin problems, best thing to do is brush her using a horse shedding brush – found in pet stores &/or using a pet comb. Take Care :)

  5. Gr8danelady says

    Maybe once a month, if she needs it. With their short coats, they don't retain dust and dirt in the hair. Too frequent bathing leads to dry flaky skin because the oils in the coat are removed.

    When you do bathe her, use a suitable dog shampoo. Human shampoo has a completely different PH balance.

  6. happynoodledance says

    I've given my 12 year old Rottie two baths in her life – once because she rolled in horse poo, the other because she rolled in unknown poo. They shouldn't need baths at all if you brush them out once a month (and they don't roll in anything disgusting).

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