How often should you bathe an Australian Shepherd dog?

: How often should I bathe an Australian Shepherd?
How often do you recommend giving an Australian Shepherd a bath?

Australian Shepherd bathing
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Answer by Aduial
Only every 2-3 months. If he doesn't need one you don't have to give him one though.

Answer by mauveme49
Brushing is a very effective way of cleaning a dogs coat; It gets rid of dirt and dust, undercoat and stimulates the natural oil that keep the coat shiny and water repellent. Bathe the dog about every 3 or 4 months unless he gets really dirty or rolls in something objectionable.
30 yrs grooming.

Answer by labrador_lover

Australian Shepherds should only be bathed when absolutely necessary. It is only when your dog has become smelly, has dirt on its coat and such other reasons that would necessitate a bath. Australian Shepherds are dogs that need minimal grooming which can be done with occasional brushing. So giving your dog a bath is not always needed.

Answer by walking lady
Like every other breed, no more than absolutely necessary and definitely not more than once every 6 weeks. Too many people over-bath which strips the oils out of a dog's coat and dries out the skin.

Answer by Antony7
The usual reason for bathing your dog is to remove dirt, to facilitate the removal of dead hair at shedding time, to eliminate doggy odor, and to improve the appearance of the coat. Routine bathing is not necessary for the health of the coat or the dog. In fact, frequent bathing can rob the coat of its natural sheen and make it harsh and dry. For most dogs, regular brushing will keep the coat and skin in good condition and eliminate the need for frequent baths.

How often your Australian Shepherd requires bathing depends on where you live, how much time she spends outside, and how dirty she gets. Like kids, some Australian Shepherds have a knack for getting dirtier than others. A working dog may require bathing every 4 to 6 weeks or so. Dogs who spend a great deal of time indoors may require bathing once every 3 or 4 months.

Most Australian Shepherds enjoy the water and are quite amenable to baths. Except on warm, sunny days, baths should be given indoors using a bathtub or basin. After the dog has been thoroughly rinsed, squeeze out as much water as you can by hand. Allow the dog to shake, and then blot her dry with towels. If you own a dog with special coat requirements, you should consult a breeder or a groomer for specific recommendations.

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