How often should i brush and bathe my alaskan malamute puppy?

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Mya: How often should i brush my alaskan malamute puppy, i can i bathe him every day?
Im getting a Alaskan Malamute mix puppy today he is 3 months old, i would like to know how often i can bathe him, and brush him?

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Answer by •Poppy•
You can bathe him when he smells — I wouldn’t bathe more than every 6-8 weeks. Too often and you’ll dry out his skin.

I’d brush him at least 4 times a week; daily if you can. Especially when he blows his coat – you’ll want to brush often or you’ll have so much hair, you won’t know what to do with it all.

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  1. Winter Gurl says

    You should bathe him once every 2 weeks or once a month if you bathe them everyday or once a week they will start to stink … if he has long hair or sheds alot you should brush him 1-3 times a day … also putting a tiny bit of oil in their food or buying food with oil in it will reduce their shedding and make their coat shiny

  2. mauveme49 says

    Brushing is the best way to clean a coat (every day if you like but at least every other day). It removes dirt and loose undercoat, Too much bathing will strip out the natural oils and cause dry skin. Only bathe when they get really dirty (rolling in something offensive).

  3. Jeanne says

    Daily brushing will be fine for your dog – daily bathing will NOT!
    Bathe him no more than once a month, or you'll cause skin problems. Use grooming wipes & pet freshener (available at Petco, Petsmart, etc.) between baths to keep him smelling good.
    Finally, invest in a Furminator brush for your dog (cheaper on Amazon than at the pet stores) & use it about once a week. Those Furminators REALLY help with shedding problems!

  4. Joanna says

    Brush him every day but in small sessions as he's a youngster to get used to a brush and ensure he gets plenty of treats for complying (using his usual food will be fine). As he gets older it will depend on his coat length and if he's moulting. He may need brushing once a week (minimum) or it may be twice a day.

    Dogs should not need to be bathed very often and to do so more than once a month isn't good for their coats as this strips their coat of natural oils that keep their fur and skin healthy and shiny. Be careful about the shampoo you use and only use one designed for dogs. If its cold out wait til he's dry before letting him outside. If its warm a good brush will help get rid of excess fur and keep him cool.

  5. angel2cutiegirl says

    Giving a bath daily would dry out the puppy's skin drastically. I would limit bathes to every other week until a year of age, even then its not to good. You can brush your dog as much as you like as long as it's not a striping comb/brush (intentionality removes under coat or guard hair). Brushing or combing works all the natural oils evenly into the hair and skin. If the puppy is getting really dirty or smelly regularly I would simply take a warm wash cloth and work on the troubled spots (no shampoo or soap). Good luck with the puppy!

  6. Ocimom says

    Bathing too much strips the coat and makes it worse. Malamutes rarely get a bath – their coat is dense and should only be brushed a few times a week. I would not bath more then twice a YEAR. Do NOT give your dog a bath every day!

  7. Kenzy says

    You can brush him as much as he'll let you as for the bathing only once a month unless it is covered in dirt to many baths will dry out it's skin and make it flake.

  8. tasha says

    DO NOT BATH AN ALASKAN MALAMUTE you can bathe him every 3 months or so but DO NOT bathe him every day you will ruin his furr and ruin his skin and brush him everyday my husky( a smaller version of your dog ) would shed ALOT so brush him daily and if you cant get around to that then brush him at least twice a week youll be thankful when shedding time comes

  9. JD28 says

    Brush often- once a week at least. You really don't need to bathe malamutes, almost ever, unless they get themselves real dirty by digging, which they love. Alaskan malamutes are like cats when it comes to keeping themselves clean.

    Great dogs- getting mine in 8 days, when he's 8 weeks old!

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