How often do I bathe my Siberian Husky?

That’s not my name: How often should I bathe my Siberian Husky?
I have a female Siberian Husky named Misty and I take Misty a shower every week. Does that affect her health somehow? I just want best for her<3 And what kind of shampoo is best for her?
She smells really bad like after 3 days when I take her a bath

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Answer by Stephanie Y
Dogs do not need baths that often. The water and shampoo can dry out their skin and remove the natural oils that are beneficial to them. I would say use a dry shampoo ever month or two as needed and only a bath with water if she gets really dirty in the mud or something like that. I hope I helped.

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  1. Loki ❆ Wolfchild says

    The only reason a Siberian ever smells bad (other than after rolling in something nasty!) is because,

    A) You live in a humid climate and haven't dried them properly. They need to be dried with a blower, down to the skin…otherwise their coats will *never* be completely dry.

    B) They have a yeast infection, allergy, or some other skin problem that is making them smell. Again this could be due to the humidity.

    Siberians don't have a "doggy" smell. They are a very clean breed. If your dog smells, you are doing something wrong.

    There is no reason to bathe a Siberian more than once every few months, if that. Keeping them properly brushed out is much more important. I have 12 year old Siberians at home who have never had a bath in their lives!

  2. joanplus4dogs says

    A husky shouldn't need a bath except for 2 -3 mo. Their coat are harsh & more weather resistant than other breeds. Over bathing so often like weekly will ruin her coat & dry her skin. Brushing is mostly all she needs for grooming & cleaning. It will take a long time for her coat to return back to the correct state it should be so it will repel dirt etc. I would only use an oatmeal or aloe pet shampoo for now since her coat will need to be repaired from drying out.

    Edit: She smells & gets dirtier faster cuz you have stripped her coat. The more you bathe, the faster their coat becomes dirty & smelly.

  3. Pritchy says

    every week is a bit much, unless she is really dirty and needs it. if she bathes too often, it will make her skin and coat dry. once a month should be often enough. make sure you are buying her a good dog shampoo (no people shampoo!) and it will be fine :)

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