How often can i give my doberman cow bones?

abyssinian23: How often can i give my 9 month old doberman cow bones?
I buy raw knuckle bones (cow) from the butchers
boill it for half an hour and then throw it in the stove for another 30 minutes and give it to my 9 month old doberman.
Is it bad for him and how often can I give it to him?

I find it cheaper then buying the smoked knuckle bones from the pet shops.

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Answer by sweet_thing_kay04
My Vet says they’re not good for dogs. It backs them up. If u have to give them one then I would only give them one every other week. Ask your vet but mine said not to.Also because of choking on the last small piece.So that is another thing u can do.When it gets small take it away.Good luck.

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  1. Emily R says

    I buy the marrow bones at the store. They are beef and usually come from the leg area. You do not have to cook it. They splinter less if they are not cooked.
    Pigs ears are okay but are very fatty, Beef bones have marrow in side (some people use them to make a broth for soups), the marrow is very good for their teeth and health wise. Full of a kinds of goodies for them.
    From personal experiences watch out for rawhide. It can choke a dog if too big of a piece is swallowed. They gnaw on it and it becomes very gummy where they are chewing it. Little dogs seem to handle it better,maybe cause they can not chew off such big pieces. Anyhow I choose to now give them to my dog. Large chew hooves are good too, but also have to be taken away when they get too small.
    Beef marrow bones are very inexpensive too, ask you butcher about them. Make sure they are beef, some wild game like deer can really upset a dogs stomach. Hope this helps and good luck.

  2. A Diva with Doggies& says

    Its good, but theres no need to cook it. Just give him them like that. Cooking the bone makes it bad for them. It won't make him sick, there are raw feeders out there who feed their dogs raw bones from the butcher all the time.

  3. Maggie M says

    Bones can splinter which can be harmful if swallowed by your dog. I would recommend giving a treat that is completely edible, like rawhide or pig ears. They are still tasty and good for them to chew on but they are safe when swallowed.

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