How much would a boxer dog cost from a breeder?

kkayem25: How much would a boxer cost from a breeder?
I’m looking to get a boxer puppy from a breeder in Seattle. About how much should I expect to pay? I’ve been doing a little bit of research online and I’ve seen prices range anywhere from $ 350 to $ 1950. I’m not looking for a show dog, I just want a boxer as a pet.


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Answer by jess
From a reputable breeder a pet-quality dog would cost: $ 1,200-$ 2,500

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  1. Anne C says

    The cost of the dog should not even be a factor – you want a breeder that you feel comfortable with. A breeder that does all the health testing and isn’t afraid to share those results with you. A breeder that asks you as many questions as you ask them, and one that you feel comfortable answering AND asking questions of.

    Boxers have a VERY high incidence of heart issues, as well as cancers…don’t “cut corners” when looking for a dog.

    Yes, you take a risk when adopting from a shelter or rescue – and you take just as much of a risk when buying from a breeder, except that a GOOD breeder will do the health testing and other incredibly hard work necessary to ensure that the dogs are as healthy as possible.

  2. little_ash_2003 says

    I bought a pet quality Boxer for $ 500. Price is not the big thing. You should really be worried about making sure that you buy from a reputable breeder and not a backyard breeder (BYB) or a puppy mill.

  3. cadesmom1014 says

    Check your local boxer rescue and humane societies as they often have purebred dogs, including puppies. Mainly since you aren’t looking for a show dog….

  4. Rayven-Fried Sea Kit says

    Depends on the breeder. For a pet quality dog from a breeder the lowest you could expect to pay would be around 600-700. Anything less than that would make me question the quality of the animals they produce.

    Breeders in your area care of the Pacific Northwest boxer club
    there are more listed here and you can always look up the kennel names

    If price is going to be your main concern look into adopting – Washington Boxer rescue.

  5. akitagrl07 says

    Depends on the breeder, but you can expect to pay a lot more than $ 350 for a well bred boxer from a reputable breeder. A dog is a living thing and will be with you for 10+ years, do you really want to bargain hunt for one? I would check out the breed club website for info on what to look for in a reputable breeder and maybe contact them about what you can expect to pay. Don't forget about breed rescue either, there are TONS of boxers in rescue all around the country. Good luck! Boxers are fabulous dogs, I'm sure you'll love one no matter where you get it!

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