How to find out if my boxer puppy is blind?

nancy: How will I know if my boxer puppy is blind?
My boxer has just had puppies and one of the brown puppies has blue eyes. Does that automatically mean that she will be blind or will that eventually go away? The puppies are 3 to 4 weeks old.
blind boxer puppy
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Answer by coolieopeppeloneo
no it doesn't necessarily mean the dog is blind. here's what i would do: hold a treat in front of the dog's face. then move it up and down. if the dogs head goes up and down or it looks like it's looking at the treat, then the dog might not be blind. be sure to give the dog the treat afterwards, though ;)

Answer by Basset is BACK!

All puppies are born with blue eyes.

Answer by Doc's wife
It is too early to tell, it might be just fine
the only genetic problem I know of in this breed is white boxers have hearing issues

Answer by anwen55
How old are they? All puppies have blue eyes when they are born. Eye colour is not an indication of blindness, the only way you can tell is to take it to the vet.

Answer by K9 Crazy
It's really hard to tell at such a young age. Puppies that young can't see very well even though they have their eyes open. It's best to wait until the pup is a few weeks older to test it out.
A good test is to drop a treat on the floor and see if the puppy looks at it and is able to find it with no problem. Or you can wave your hand in front of the puppy's face and see if it follows your hand.

Answer by Allison B
if he has one blue eye and one green

Answer by Yasir
Its really easy just google some of food particles which are puppies favourite then after that put then on one side and on another side of floor hide also its right eye then left eye to know wether he/she is blind or not.

Answer by pat
Do you still have the brown boxer with blue eyes? We had a fawn and white male with blue eyes who recently died and we are looking for another with blue eyes.

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