How much will my pitbull weigh?

Kristy: How much will my pitbull weigh full grown?
I have a purebred female Razors edge blue brindle pitbull. I have looked all over for some kind of weight by age chart but have been unsuccessful. She is currently 4 months old and weighs 55lbs. She is short and stocky. I ask purely for health reasons so that I may better monitor her growth to make sure she is on a healthy track. I am an experienced dog owner but need a little extra breed specific info.

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Answer by beardyman
Far too much, most pitbulls develop problems in their lower backs at an early age, which tend to shorten the bottom of the spine, as the disks are pushed closer together. This means they have trouble digesting, and most of the food they eat turns into fat immediately. Sadly, at the age of 17 months, most pitbulls are put down for being soo dayum oogly

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  1. owned by APBTs -*nis says

    Razors Edge don't sell Pure bred American pit bull terriers. You have a mix breed. Their is no telling how big your dog will get. 4 months and being 55lbs!! no way she is a real APBT. razors edge sells HUGE dogs that they say are "pit bulls"
    A real APBT should be around 35-60lbs.
    your dog will be much bigger…
    You have an American bully.

    The links below(in my sources) show real APBTs and breed standards, the link directly below will show your dog and what it will look like.

  2. Bare Nekkid TRUTH! says

    LOL "purebred" and "razor's edge" dont belong in the same sentance. Razor's edge are mutt bloodlines.. they were crossed with bulldogs and mastiffs to get those bulky hippo-pig looking things.

    She's oversized for a pitbull already. There's no way to know exactly how big she will be as an adult.. mongrels dont conform to any breed standard.

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