How much weight can an Alaskan Malamute pull?

twistedgenius_17: How much weight can an adult male Alaskan Malamute pull?
Im being offered an alaskan malamute puppy as a gift and I was wondering if I’ll be able to control it on walks when its full grown. I love the dogs and really want to accept the gift but I wouldnt want to put other people and other dogs at risk if I cant control the animal.

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Answer by bmthespian
They can pull hundreds of pounds. However if he is properly trained then you shouldn’t have trouble controlling him while he is on leash. You only risk not being able to control him if you fail to train him properly from the beginning

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  1. Virgo's Eternal says

    A full grown, properly trained Male Malamute can pull up to 1,800lbs.
    Or so I've heard.

    Be sure to train him good in pulling.
    Each day, working him out.

    You definately dont wanna just throw him into something like that without first having him "worked out" and ready to pull a heavy load.

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