How much walk does my Labrador need?

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Joey Crawford is love: How long of a walk does my Labrador need?
Shes a 4 year old Labrador and weighs somewhere in the #60s.
How many miles of walking a day does she need?

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Answer by ♥Pitbull lover♥
I’d say about 40min – 1hour per day , unless of course you prefer longer.

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  1. Tulip says

    Minmum of 30mintues a day-Labrador can do alot more though. That what a vet recommended us, but as my dog's aged she seem to have more energy then ever-so she been getting longer walks lately and she 10yr old and doing fine-This vet instructed us to fed her vetable and meat, pasta andrice diet, , she lack condition, lack energy-slept most of the day-I change vets and -I read reviews on proplan.Protein not to high, not to low and its in my price range. Too high in protein can lead to kidney failure. 2 different vets told me this at 2 different practices.She thriving-brilliant coat, shinny, bundle of energy-she the picture of health! Grain are 100% digestable to all dog's they do need some vegetables and meats in their diet, as their omnivores, not carnivores.


    Dog's are they carnivore's Are they really like wolves,hyena's and jackals?

    Or are they more like us? Is it foolish to feed them only meat? Should they be fed what their human family eat?

    The truth encompassess a little of each

    In the wild, other hunting animals that seem similar to dog's, such as wolves and hyenas, eat fruit, leaves, grasses, dig for roots and even obtain vegetable matter from the stomach of their prey.The bone's of their prey provide calicum and help keep teeth clean.Their diet's are highly varied and also change seasonally.

    A domestic dog fed on human diet struggles with dairy products and can actually be poisioned by some of the common ingredients in human pantries.

    Dog's are actually omnivorous.They need alot less meat protein then cats, ferrets, snakes and feeding a high animal protein diet to a dog will take a toll on its health.A dog is designed to digest a wide range of plant and animal products.Dog's must eat more then just muscle meat.they need plenty of carbohydrate's and fibre from vegetable and plant matter and only a very small amount of fat.their protein can come from both plant and animal product's.the other thing's to consider are sources of mineral such as calcium and phosphorous and of cause vitamins.

    Cat's are strict carnivores.this mean that some of their nutritents can be obtained only from animal sources.However being a carnivore doesn't mean that all of the nutrients need to be from animal products or that a carnivorous animal could survive eating muscle meat only.
    A wild carnivore such as a lion will kill and eat an will lickthe hair off and chew on the skin.the organ are consumed, including partly digested grass, leaves, and other grazed plant material.Last of all, the bones are eaten too.

    Cat's and Dog's are also very different in their needs
    NIBBLE MUNCH CHOMP-THE ART AND SCIENCE OF FEEDING YOUR PET-By Dr. Sasha HERBERT, Senior vet at the Lort Smith Animal Shelter.

  2. miss_xina says

    at least an hour a day. plus play time.

    but if you want an easy life, walk her alot longer! a tired dog can't get into mischief lol

  3. eagles07 says

    I would suggest ideally 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I know it probably seems like a lot but it will really help the dog from becoming destructive during the day. If 1 hour at a time is too long for you maybe break it up a little bit.

  4. sisternvirginia says

    Before I got a Lab puppy I bought a book about Labs. It said they should get at least 5miles a day. Mine doesn't get that much but walks are right at an hour.

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