How much to feed a 3 month old rottweiler?

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dez: How much should I feed a 3 month old rottweiler?
She weighs about 25 pounds.She is very skinny.I just got her yesterday and the vet checked her so I don’t think she is sick. Also what is the best food to feed her?How can I make her build more muscle?If you have any information on rottweiler it would really help. Thank you

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Answer by blue3coco
I would start with maybe third of a cup of dog food. As to what food, I have no clue. You could take it on short walks around the black for excercise.

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  1. david says

    I have had 3 rottweilers and just got my 4th one and they have never bitten anyone,its all in how you bring them up, sounds like maybe you shouldn't be feed "Jerk"

  2. sillygoose says

    i have 4 great danes. best ever food is NUTRO'S LAMB AND RICE. less poop, shiny coat, less shedding, puts good weight on. i feed all 4 dogs from a 24/7 feeder.. they never over eat , never "wolf" their food, and never fight over food. NO FOOD ISSUES! NONE. :)

  3. notadummyrat says

    Nothing. These dogs are killers. Why not just get a freaking tiger and be done with it? My neighbor got a rottweiler pup two years ago. When it was 7 months old it attacked his daughter. She is now scared for life. These dogs are not stable and should not be around people.

    • jaoni says

      your a jack ass for even saying something like that! dogs are what there owners make them! maybe his daughter hit her.. or maybe the owner beat it! you dont know what went on in there home.. what you said was soo mean…

    • Brandon says

      your neighbor didnt properly train his animal then dont blame the dog for peoples shortcomings though. we trained/bred them for generations to increase their potential as a single purpose guard then act like its thier fault. people like you are flatly uneducated about the subject and really shouldnt pipe on on things you obviously know nothing about.

      source- proud owner of 3 rotts than wont even snip at each other.

  4. jmk_jenmarie says

    If its an only dog, then just put the food out and she will eat only what she's hungry for. My lab always has food in her dish and she only goes to eat it a few times a day. If she's not, put about a cup of food in a dish 3 times a day. When my lab was a pup I mixed up raw hamburger, puppy chow, a little cheese, some yogurt, and an egg. Lots of protein. She loved it. I would start mixing more chow at first and then back off. If you only want to feed her dry food, I would go for the science diet.

  5. the_mojo_wire says

    Feed her adult food – it has more protien. Ifed my dog Nutro Nature's Choice.

    A puppy that age should be eating 3 times a day. 1/2 can with a cup and 1/2 of dry food.

  6. Cornsilk P says

    Just feed her a high quality food like Eukanuba or Royal Canin. Many brands of food also make specific formulas for large breed puppies to ensure they are getting the proper nutrition.

    With large breed puppies you want to keep them a bit on the slim side. Its better to have them slighly underweight instead of slightly overweight as they have so much growing to do and it is easier on their bones.

    Most bags of food will give you a guide–just follow that.

  7. vle045 says

    Look on the puppy food bag. It will tell you how much to feed him on the back by age and weight. I used these guides with my large dogs and they were never overweight or underweight.

    As for the brand… it depends. You could go with the more expensive brands like Nutro, Eukanuba, etc. But if that is too expensive, brands like Purina Puppy Chow are fine too. Sometimes you might just have to see if the dog has a preference. Lamb & Rice formulas are best if his fur seems rough, dull and/or brittle.

    And DON'T let anyone scare you that Rottweilers are bad dogs. They are very smart. You can train them to do just about anything. The Rottwelier Horror stories you hear about are often because of how they were trained. The Rottweilers I have known have been very obedient loving dogs.

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