How much should a full blooded German Shepherd puppy cost?

It's Me~: How much should a full blooded German Shepherd puppy be priced?
We are hoping to get a male German Shepherd pup. Personally, I would love to adopt, but my mom is insisting on getting a full blooded German Shepherd from a breeder.

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Answer by Lizzie
Go to and find some breeders in your area. Contact the breeders and ask the general price of a pet quality puppy. They will tell you.

Answer by rhapsodynblue7

"Full-blooded" doesn't always mean that the dog will be healthy and have good hips, they can be as little as $ 500. I would hesitate getting that breed from a shelter because why is it there? Have you noticed shelters are filled with certain breeds? Your best bet is to look on the American Kennel Club online site. This site can recommend kennel clubs in your area versed in specific breeds, they can then link you to reputable breeders with healthy dogs. Many show shepherds go for thousands of dollars. However, the litters are big and the breeders only keep show prospects so if you tell them you are looking for what they term "pet quality" you still should be getting a good dog. Just remember anyone can get papers and brred to shepherds together. Do your research because you may save money in the beginning but often the medical bills in the end add up to a lot more!

Answer by christine sss

The GSD is a breed that is dog that you have to be very careful when purchasing, there are loads of BYB and some very successful Breeders which dogs I would not touch, ever.

Firstly, you have to make sure that the tests are done for the hips/elbows, also they should test for vWD. If they don't do these 2 basic tests go elsewhere.
secondly, ask what they do with their dogs as extra activities, if they do conformation show, then I would not touch the dog ever, many of these dogs now have problems with their posture, either roach back or so severely back angled that they can no longer run normally.
If they do herding, agility, tracking I would have a good look at the parents, what is the temperament like, do the dogs stand well and move gracefully. If so, then this would be the breeder I would go for AS LONG AS THEY HAVE DONE THE TESTS.

Do lots of googling on health problems on the GSD before deciding to purchase one

Answer by reputable breeders b

don't buy from a show will pay $ 1000s in vet bills on the from a cheap breeder and get a healthier dog.


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  1. Cletic says

    They can depend on quality and line. I would not reccomend you getting a show line. Get a working line one or a normal standar k.c registered one with can cost from £500-£700 maximum

  2. Louise says

    Nice to see someone with so much fore thought before getting a dog :D. I have a blog that will guide you through getting a pup and its first nights and training. See

    You need to make sure that you are aware of financial costs and know how to spot a good breeder these will help.

    To see if you are ready for a dog and general info

    Picking a pup out of a litter and breeder tips

    Bringing him/her home (getting your house ready)

    To avoid the crying at night

    The ever important housetraining!

    In order to introduce your animals to each other you must put in a little forward planning, but its okay you have already done it just start again. This guide is a step by step easy to follow write up so make sure you know what you are doing before beginning.
    You should also teach your puppy the ‘leave it’ command this is not only for objects but also helps them control their bite inhibition (become more aware of how people and other animals like to be interacted with). This will show you how (its really easy)

  3. dartass224 says

    1,000 - 2,000 for a pup from a reputable breeder. Make sure you find a good one, BYBs are a overflowing with GSDs.

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