How much is to keep a german shepherd dog?

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just another person!: How much is to keep a german shepherd?
I want a german shepherd, can anyone tell me how much a full blood german shepherd is at like 2 or 4 months is, how much is it a month to feed it and how much is for the shots and all the stuff that dog needs. I need to see how much im looking at, to have an idea if i can do it. Thanks.

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Answer by $ arah(APBT owner x4)
There is no set price on a dog of any breed. Something can always go wrong…buying from a reputable breeder will reduce health issues, from a reputable breeder just for the puppy you are going to pay around $ 800-$ 1500….as for shots count on $ 200 including heartworm preventative..expect to spend around $ 30 a month on food which will increase as the dog grows….Just in the first month of owning a dog your looking at around $ 1300 (if the dog cost $ 800)

You could always adopt a Shepherd pup from a shelter…adoption is usually around $ 100 plus the pup already has it’s shots and spayed/neutered.

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  1. Kate McEvoy says

    You should know that German Shepherds are unbelievably smart and loyal dogs. They will protect you and your family from anything and anyone (you can scratch house alarm off your budget). But they do get huge. Mine is 95 pounds (and I hope he's done growing) he's 2 years old and a pure bred GS. I spend about $ 100 a month on his food (he seems to prefer Purina). Put money aside for vet bills. My GS has not had anything serious happen to him yet (knock on wood), but the breeder did warn that Shepherds tend to have leg problems when they're much older (my last GS lived to be 15 and at about 14 1/2 his legs gave in) this is because they carrry most of their weight on their back legs. They're usually worry-free dogs, but as with people you have to be careful that they don't ingest anything non-food (mine ingested a rope and the bill was $ 100.00.

    You will love your GS. Ours very protective of us (especially the kids) and SUPER intelligent (my last GS saved us from a fire that started in the basement and would have killed us by the time the alarm went off) . When someone knocks on the door, he wont't let me open until he's stepped ahead of me and checked the visitor. He intimidates the crap out of anyone who comes to my house!

  2. honey_roseanna says

    How much is a german shepherd? You want a German Shepherd, you want to know how much it is to keep? Give me a call and i will talk to you. phone: (08) 9736 1782 ; Melissa

  3. coolman65 says

    999,999,999,999,999,990,000,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$ yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rustic B says

    My dog was 500 dollars from a private breeder. His shots are about 50 dollars when they get done. I've had him visit the vet a few times for other things (also about 50 buck). The city licence is 150 per year (not neutered). He probably eats about 25 dollars worth of dog food a month, plus some occasional people food.

  5. Jane says


    Even more than the cost, there are so many other things to look at when you are going ahead with a german shepherd dog.

    You should be well prepared before bringing a GSD to your household.

  6. Naysaツ says

    my family has always paid roughly $ 2000 au (around $ 1400 us) for GSD's and then about $ 600 for shots, check up, food, bedding, toys, collar/harness and leash.
    Feeding I am not all that sure on as my mum always cooked up their food, like livers, hearts, tongue's and all the gross stuff lol and from a butcher that costed a fair amount. But atm for my dog, rotti x (same sizing) I am spending $ 30 a fortnight on dog rolls, very healthy and pretty good quality.

  7. Love is a GSD says

    Once purchasing, a german shepherd roughly costs the same as any other breed of similiar size.

    To get a WELL BRED shepherd, look at spending around 1,000$ . You definetly do not want to go BYB with this breed, because they can have so many genetic health issues such as hip dysplasia and other faults. Make sure the breeder works or shows their dogs (this is a must!) All health tests must be done on the parents as well, and preferably the health records for the grandparents and great grandparents should be available as well. The health records were available for my german shepherd up to seven generations back.

    So, 1000$ to start out with. Then you are going to want a kennel, as it is the easiest way to potty train. That is another 100$ roughly. Then up to three vet visits for shots. All puppies need three rounds of shots. Good breeders will usually already have the first round done, but some vets like to start it over again anyways. So look at three vet visits in the span of 2 months, and that will probably average out to 300$ total. Good quality, large steel dog bowl, roughly 20$ or so. Same bowl for water is another 20$ , but I like getting the big jug water bowls that hold a lot and dispense as the dog drinks, and those cost between 30-50$ . Toys, another 30-50$ . Rubber puppy safe chew bones/toys, another 30$ roughly. Good quality leash and collar with ID tag, roughly 30-40$ . So in the first two months, look at spending roughly 1500$ . After that, training is a MUST!!! You can not own a shepherd and skimp out on puppy class. Even if you can do all your own obedience training, like I did, you still need that socialization. If not properly socialized, you will have a very large, very shy, very aggressive german shepherd, and that will lead to trouble. So look at spending another 100$ or so for puppy training classes.

    at 6 months old or older, 100$ or so for vet visit and neuter/spay. At a year old, 100$ for vet visit and shots. And then it is yearly from there, roughly 100$ to get shots. Although vet visits should be done every 6 months, and the average office visit runs around 40$ or so.

    As for food, you should feed a high quality premium food. No iams, or science diet, or pedigree. All those are junk. You want to feed blue buffalo, or wellness, or evo. A food like that, with no corn, wheat, or by-products. When I was feeding blue buffalo, a 40lb bag cost me 45$ . I was going through two bags a month, so spending roughly 100$ a month on food. It's expensive, but if you feed a cheap food, you will get an unhealthy dog with lots of issues. If you do feed dog feed, only feed puppy food until your dog is 5 months old or so. Then switch to adult food. Make sure it is large breed dog food with glucosamine for the hips and joints. Puppy food is too high in protein, and if fed for a long time, will cause growth spurts and bone/joint problems. Switch to adult food no later then 6 months.

    That being said, I strongly urge you to feed raw. It is easy, simple, and CHEAP! Don't believe me? I went to the store tonight, bought over a months worth of food for my dog (chicken and pork roast and hamburger and beef cubes and organs), and I spent 24$ . I was spending 100$ before, but now I am feeding a better diet and spending only 25$ a month.

    So, that's the rough totals. Of course, there's treats, toys. Maybe your dog gets hurt. We though my boy got hit by a car because he was limping really bad after getting out over night. Rushed him to the emergency vet, spent almost 600$ , and found out his legs were just sore from running all night. Nothing is exact, and you should always have a savings account set up just in case. Plus, pet nsurance is a great thing! Many companys now offer it, and even larger grocery store chains.

    EDIT: Joseph's an idiot, and has no idea what he's talking about. On a good quality dog food, my german shepherd was only eating 3 cups of food a day. Compare that to a cheap quality. If I was feeding something like science diet or purina, I would have to feed almost 8 cups a day. On raw feed, I feed roughly a pound per day, and I can usually find meat cuts for .49cents a pound or cheaper.

  8. Joseph the Second says

    -How much is your House & Home worth ??? -THAT's what it's going to eat You out of, if you get one! Shepherd's are Active dogs, & they LOVE to eat. So unless you're pretty "well-to-Do" (& own a lot of Stock in the Purina Company), you'd BETTER give this some Serious Thought. There's NO sense in putting both the Dog AND You- out on the Streets ! :o

  9. My BFF is a Pitador! says

    Find a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) rescue in your area and get on a waiting list for a puppy. They come up to date on shots and neutered which will save you hundreds of dollars. Most of them charge $ 100-$ 400 to adopt a puppy.

    Here is a general search, since you didn't mention where you are located. You can certainly to another search with your location.

    Expect to pay $ 40-$ 60 a month for mid-grade food (check out plus budget about $ 200 a year for vet costs. If you do not spend the full $ 200 a year, put the rest into a savings account for your dog in case she or he gets sick or injured in the future, so you have it. Initial expenses for an adopted dog include necessities like toys, bowls, brushes (I recommend a Furminator brand brush for a high shedding dog like a GSD), etc. will run you about $ 150 on the low end. In the beginning buy small bags of dog food until you find one that suits your dog the best, that way you aren't stuck with a bunch of food that gives your dog diarrhea and you don't want to feed her. Also, Frontline Plus costs about $ 50 every 3 months and Interceptor costs about $ 50 for 6 months.

    Best wishes.

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