How much is a English Bulldog male puppy?

frank: How much is a English Bulldog male puppy worth?
If a vet certifies it to be a genuine English Bulldog, but has no AKC papers.
The dog is a beauty, but the breeder is outside the U.S. Actually, I have one from him and most people have asked me who was my breeder. AKC papers do not guarantee a dog is without medical issues. My dog only has had allergies due to lamb.
I know how important papers are for some, but again, are you willing to buy an English Bulldog for a fraction of the price without the papers.

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Answer by Aduial
Why? Are you going to sell your puppy if it’s worth a lot?

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  1. Jennifer says

    Something doesn't sound right about this. English Bulldogs are expensive to breed, and an AKC English bulldog can be worth $ 3000 or so. However, I'm not going to take a vet's word for it that a puppy is a purebred. Without papers to guarantee pedigree, and knowing the health problems an English bulldog has, no one should pay more than $ 100 for the puppy with the mystery pedigree, and it should be up-to-date on vet visits.

    Hope you are actually going to physically pick up the puppy. Lots of scams out there.

    Again, I don't like the sound of this at all.

  2. Amanda says

    1 you can not put a price on a dog a english bull with papers will prob cost about 1000 pound one without the price will drop dramaticly if it is genuine it should have papers

  3. Dreamer says

    However much his shots and worming cost, same as a mutt. A vet cannot "certify" a dog is purebred. That is why pedigrees and registration exist. Without papers, I would not pay more than a $ 50 adoption fee for any dog regardless of whether they claimed it was "purebred" or not.

  4. Mutt for the Truth says

    Dog with no papers means no history, no pedigree, no medical background, and likely no genetic testing on the parents OR show titles… so i would say figure out what your local shelter is charging for large breed puppies and that is what the dog is "worth."

    A vet cannot say "this dog is pedigree" – even the so-called DNA testing will not be accurate and won't stand as proof. You can only call a pup "pedigree" or "purebred" if you have the dog's AKC registration papers. PERIOD.

  5. luvexotics says

    It is worth the cost of it's shots and it's spay/neuter. With out papers there is no way to 100% guarantee pure bred, it can not be shown and should not be bred. It also has no family history of testing for genetic defects and therefore it is just a pet quality dog and not worth much monatarily but can still be a great companion.

  6. Jennifer T says

    Unless the vet has a DNA test done, s/he can't certfy shyt. You can't guarantee lineage if there's no reputable registry with the dog on record, and even with a reputable registry, there's no guarantee without a responsible honest breeder. Your dog isn't "worth" anything more then some fool will pay for it.

  7. Launi *BYGrs* AR 15 says

    No vet can 'certify' a dog to be pure bred. Only a DNA test can do that.
    And even then, it is no guarantee.

    So, exactly why, if it is pure bred, do you have no papers?

    Back yard greeder?

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