How much does a purebred French Bulldog cost on average?

DaniKatSweety: How much does a pure bred French Bulldog generally cost?
If you are a breeder, can you give me a ballpark figure of how much a male or a female would cost? Thank you.

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Answer by Lauren M
Please look for a reputable breeder, one that does health tests OFA & CERF and checks out temperments. My friend got a Frenchie from a great breeder about 2 years ago it he cost $ 1800

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  1. T M says

    I paid $ 2700 for a French Bulldog back in 1992 and she came with a mandatory spay contract… Reputable and ethical breeders generally charge upwards of $ 2500 for French Bulldogs and it's not unheard of to pay $ 3000 – $ 3500 for a male, and from $ 3500 to $ 5000 for a female… The better breeders keep their best show prospects to further their lines and responsible breeders will ALWAYS provide a limited registration with a mandatory spay / neuter contract unless a buyer intends to show the dog in conformation…

    Contact breeders that are dues-paying members of the national breed club at [there's a directory sorted by state] Ask lots of pertinent questions and be candid about your lifestyle so that you find the best possible dog with a temperament that suits your lifestyle… You want to know if the breeding candidates have been properly health-screened (for eyes, heart, spine, patellas, etc.) The Orthopedic Foundation of America publishes test results on a publicly accessible database… Eyes are certified by CERF…

    Dogs that are obtained for lower prices come from puppy-mills or backyard breeders… It's genuinely like playing roulette with your money… There's a slim chance you could wind up with a seemingly healthy dog… There's a likelihood you'll wind up with a poorly-bred dog that is riddled with allergies, suffers luxating patellas or osteo / spinal problems, and a whole host of different ailments that cost thousands of dollars in veterinary bills…

    I see more poorly bred French Bulldogs these days than genuinely great looking and healthy dogs… It's truly sad that they've become so popular and mainstream because the ones that actually conform to the breed standard and actually quite rare…

    Good luck in your endeavors : )

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