How much do purebred french bulldogs usually cost?

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Cassidy: How much do purebred french bulldogs cost?
the only type of dog I have had is a pug and I love pugs, but I also think that french bulldogs are adorable and I am thinking about getting one. I don’t want to get it from a puppy mill. I would like a private breeder that takes good care of their animals. If you have any info on french bulldogs I would love it. thanks.

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Answer by Eisenbart
They cost too much.

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  1. Tori says

    We did extensive research to find a French bulldog from a reputable breeder, who breeds for betterment of the breed, not for $$$. We went through the French Bulldog Club of America and AKC to find breeders who have opened themselves up to inspection, and monitoring… Etc. because of all of the health problems many of these breeders will subject their studs & bitches to genetic testing to make sure they do not breed any dogs prone to problems. They will only breed them 1-2 times a year ( usually through artificial insemination, because physically it is difficult for them, but they try) and 80-90% of their litters require being delivered via c-section, and a lot of the mothers have a hard time instinctually whelping their own litters due to this so the breeders end up bottlefeeding and giving them the care they would need. We think the least expensive puppy from these breeders we saw was about $1800. The puppy we found, from a breeder we got to know & trusted charges $2500 per puppy, we saw the most common range was $2000-3000, for a pet, tack on 1-2k if you want breeding rights. Any we saw priced over $3k (up to 6-7!) were fad colors or from puppy sale sites that ship puppies to whoever pays. They won’t breed for fad colors (blue, chocolate, etc) and they won’t sell a puppy to just anyone. At first it seemed insane to spend this on a puppy, but after considering what it takes to raise a litter, and the care they may require after going home to a new family they really charge so much to cover their costs & make sure the owners really want the breed for their qualities and are aware of what comes with it. Most litters only produce 1-4 puppies and every once in a while but less commonly 5-6. An emergent c-section can cost over $3000, without any other associated costs for studs, vet visits, food, shelter, health testing… And tons and tons of time. So they aren’t for everyone, but I would rather do my research & pay more, or go without than support a puppy mill or a backyard breeder- we previously we tricked by a “backyard” breeder and it was a very difficult situation! Oh, and make sure your breeder has you sign a contract and guarantees the puppies health for at least 1-2 years. Our little Elvis came home at 10 weeks with most of his shots and had been checked by a vet 2x already & had started housebreaking. He also came with a spay/neuter contract basically saying you would have puppy fixed by 1 yr old.

  2. K80 says

    They can be pretty pricey, but the prices vary. Like other bulldogs, they come with several health issues (and believe me, those vet bills add up), so keep that in mind when considering adding a frenchy to your family. Whatever you do, avoid purchasing from a backyard breeder (particularly off Craigslist where scams are rapant, and out of the local newspaper). With dogs that already come with a lot of genetic health issues, the last you want to do is shell out $ 1K and end up with a dog with a handful of expensive health problems. Good breeders usually don't advertise, so ask your vet if they know anyone who breeds French Bulldogs. The best way to avoid unexpected health problems AND to keep adoption prices low is to adopt from a rescue group, which on average adopts dogs out for about $ 300-$ 500. As another responder mentioned, Petfinder is an excellent source for learning about the breed you are interested in and finding dogs who need homes.

  3. w0lf says

    well if its papered and registered- around 450$ -1000$ (some are like 2000$ )
    if its not papered i've seen them as low as 300$ thats just in my area so idk about you. just search around and find some good ones.

  4. cupcakexxx says

    around 1,000 I've looked into French Bulldogs,myself being a brand new pet owner(since yesterday)
    and i came to the conclusion, that i should adopt a dog from a local dog pound. and i did. Giving a dog a life that he may not have normally had. You know all the french Bulldog puppies are going to be sold. Why not look for a frenchie in a pound around you, here check out this website where you can search for dogs by breed.

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