How much does a female maltese weigh when born?

bellaglamourxo: About how much does an average female maltese weigh when born?
I’m getting a maltese in a month, and my hired breeder has two female malteses. One is heavier than the other, and I’m going to check them out tomorrow. I know that you shouldnt get an underweight puppy because it may not survive, but i dont want an overweight one either.

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Answer by brandeee123
they are small and dont weigh alot

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  1. sharyn d says

    i have bred maltese for 26 years i have had them weigh at birth anythink from just under 1oz and up to 7ozs,all have matured well some stay tiny depending on the bone some develop, more so,after two years and all grow up fine it depends on the lines they have come from.I also show them so dont let the weight put you off the smaller ones.Best to have a look at the mum and dad,also the grandparents if the breeder has them.

  2. mustlovedogs says

    ck Maltese breeders online. just google. some might even say on the individual pics of puppies, but u could email a bunch of breeders an approx. weight ?????? Its going to depend on the dam & sire's weights also!

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