How much Blue nose pitbull and American pitbull puppies sell for?

Lilly: How much would a Blue nose pitbull and American pitbull puppies sell for?
One of the parents is papered on and not the other. So the puppies wouldnt be papered. Half are blue nose and half are american pitbull. I live in California too. Please give me some ideas :) Best answer gets 10 points if it even matters

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Answer by Legal
400 – 600 or more for the blue

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  1. josh the blue pit lo says

    blue pits are not muts and i dont like ppl putting pits down that pisses me off more then anything else i thank that they should be sold for $200 and make sure the family is right for the pitbull

  2. caninelover says

    Not a whole lot since the dogs would be unregistered. IF you are trying to place them in homes with responsible pet owners. However, given your focus on nothing more than how much you can get for them, I would suspect that your intentions are not that noble.

  3. $arah(APBT owner x3) says

    And these are the idiots we have breeding APBT's no wonder why our shelters are full of them.
    Blue NOSE is just the color of the nose and are not worth crap, most of them are mutts anyways. AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER is the breed
    sell those mutts for $ 50 and use that money to have both of your dogs spayed/neutered.

    • josh the blue pit lo says

      ok 1st blue pits are not muts and i have been around pits all my life and blue nose is the way to go so sorry but blue pits all the way

  4. Sabersquirrel says

    Without papers you might get what you put into them in terms of shots. Honestly if someone wanted an unpapered pitbull pup it's easier to go down to the local shelter. A shelter pup is generally cheaper after shots…..

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