How much a golden retriever puppy costs?

Unas Slayer of the Gods: How much would a golden retriever puppy cost?
I am looking into buying a golden retriever puppy because I would to have a loyal friend and companion and also someone to accompany me on my daily walk.

How much would a puppy or a young golden retriever cost and where should I look? I have already checked my local animal shelter but have none.


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Answer by PomeranianLuver
The animal shelter should have some sort of dog. Check all of the shelters within 1 hr from your house.

If you choose to get one from a reputable breeder istead of a shelter, expect to pay up to $ 1000.

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  1. Jolene L says

    Gr's can cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 3000. It depends on where you get it from. A good breeder or just someone who wants to breed the dog for money. But don't worry about spending all your money on it because it's going to be your pet for the next 15 years and you want the best dog so you should get from a reliable breeder.

    You can go to the website to find your puppy. It's good. . Hope it helps. Good luck.

  2. The Chosen One says

    there are different prices… i like golden retrivers and i want one but i have heard they cost from $ 350-550

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