How much to charge for breeding my male golden retriever with a female?

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jjrlange: How much should I charge to breed my male golden retriever with a female?
I have a male golden retriever and am interested in breeding him but do not know what I should charge.
golden retriever couple
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Answer by Chazerai
Human or canine female?

Answer by bear2zealand
Before thinking about a stud service charge, have his hips and elbows been OFA certified, eyes CERF'd, ect… If yes, this all depends on the lines of your stud. Show lines, field lines. Is he titled in anything? AKC conformation or obedience titles? A lot of this weighs in on this. Normally a stud fee is about the same as the price of a pup. In the Shepherds, normally the stud fees are around $ 500. Less than what a show Shepherd pup is, but with the show lines a breeder would like to get their progeny out in the ring. A lot of the German line breeders charge anywhere from $ 500-$ 1500 for stud, with prices of those pups upwards of $ 3000. These are from Schutzhund titled parents. If you find a bitch that you are interested in, and would like something out of, you might breed for a puppy back from that bitch. Pick puppy. This is a big gamble though. You can breed that pair and take a look at the pups, and go Oh Yuck! LOL

On the other side of this, a friend of mine bred her American show female with a nice stud of hers. He is American and German, nice structure, but not show structure. She has one of the best show puppies that I have ever seen!! It is a total outcross pedigree wise as well. That is another thing, make sure that you pick carefully when someone wants to use him for stud, to make sure that they just don't have a junk pedigree, and require the owner of the bitch to sell pups with limited registration unless you OK a pup to go with full registration.

Answer by m j
I assume if you are offering him at stud, he is finished. Special him and win some BOBs and group placements. If you do this, and he is very nice, then the girls will come to you.
If he is finished and nice, you may be able to charge $ 500-$ 700. If he is not, his stud service isn't worth much and no good breeder is going to want to use him. If he is not finished, why would they want to use yours when there are so many high quality CH studs available?

Are you ready for the increase in male behaviors you are likely to get from him being used like aggression, humping, and marking in the house? Stud dogs are not always the best of pets and some can become rather hard for a novice to handle. Your dog will remain a much nicer pet if he is never used. If you are wanting a puppy, go buy one.

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  1. GitEmGang says

    DON'T bother trying to *PIMP* your PET!!!

    Nobody will ***EVER*** want to use it when there are THOUSANDS of TOP QUALITY CHAMPION dog available!
    Neuter the thing TOMORROW!

  2. Greyt-mom says

    Goldens are susceptible to several debilitating hereditary disorders. Before mating you should have your stud's hips and elbows certified by the OFA, his eyes certified by the CERF and have a cardiologist certify that he does not suffer from congenital heart murmurs. You also need to have your vet check him for STDs including Brucellosis and herpes. A responsible stud owner will only breed to a bitch who has been similarly vetted. Before you set your stud fee you need to contact your vet and ask how much this will cost, and then add in the profit you expect to take in to determine your stud fee. If you have more than one bitch lined up you can split the fees amongst the interested parties.

  3. thatlunatic says

    Don't listen to all of these people that say not to breed we are all in the business and we all started some where. Just make sure that your puppies go to good homes. Most of the time when my studs are used we charge what the price of 1 puppy would sell for in your area. Also don't think that you will be able to make a lot of money from dog breeding just look at it as a great Hobie. Have fun.

  4. b.w. says

    Why do you want to beed a dog?

    Are you not aware that there are 15 dogs born for every one human?

    Are you not aware that there are millions of dogs killed every year because of not enough homes?

    Are you not aware that only 1 dog in 10 gets a permanent home?

    Are you not aware that one female and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in just six years?

    That coupled with the health benefits of spay/neuter WHY would you breed your dog?

  5. torbaynewfs says

    Yeah, a backyard bred Golden with no Championship points,and no health clearances isn't worth much. The only females he can be bred to would be backyard bred females with no health clearances.
    Is it worth it just to pimp your dog for some bucks???

  6. April G says

    Do the world a favor, and produce no more puppies!!!!!!!!!!!! Thousands of dogs, even pure breds are euthanized daily because there just aren't enough homes. Have him castrated, and have a great pet.

  7. Maegan says

    Depends on the quality of your male. Has he proven himself as a good representative of the breed in dog shows? Is he at least registered with the AKC? If he's just your pet, you shouldn't be breeding him in the first place and should instead have him neutered.....Also, how are his hips? There are a lot of things to think about when breeding animals.

  8. Heather D says

    The best thing is to browse the local paper and get an idea of the going price for goldens. The way it usually goes is the stud fee is pick of the litter or the cost of the highest price puppy (most times female pups are a little more expensive than males). We recently had our yellow lab stand stud for the first time and we received $ 350. I would guess that goldens and labs are along the same price lines so I would estimate a stud fee of $ 300-$ 500.

  9. Trumain says

    My first thought would have probably gotten me reported...Upon reflection, estimate the size of the litter, times price for puppy, divide by two. Everyone splits the gain...just your little guy gets a bonus !

  10. bon b says

    Depends on the pedigree of your dog. If it has a good pedigree, or an impressive show or field record, you can get $ 500.00 or more. If the dog isn't registered, and has no papers, and isn't proven in any way, you shouldn't be charging anything.

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