July 27, 2014

How many times a day should i feed my pitbull puppy?

Question by jay: how many times a day should i feed my 9 month old pitbull?
my female pitbull is 9months old almost 10 months. im feeding her twice a day in the morning then at night. i see that she eats her dog food fast like she is really hungry. should i feed her in the middle of the day or is it too much? i dont want to over feed her. but i feel like i should feed her 3 times a day.
is my dog considered an adult at 9 months?

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Answer by Skipper ~ Won BIB & WD!
Two times a day is the best for adults, 3-4 is fine for puppies, in little amounts this way your dog should not get bloated or over eat.

Here’s a thread on feeding a 7M APBT Pup: http://www.pitbull-chat.com/showthread.php?t=21101

ETA: Not really considered an adult until 12-16M/Old.

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  1. Puppylove Wapstra says:

    Honestly, feed your pup 3-4 times a day in moderation.

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