How many times a day does a shih tzu puppy need to eat?

Jared: How many times does a shih tzu puppy need to eat?
We currently bought this very adorable Purebred Shih Tzu puppy. He is very healthy. We just need to know what portions of food to give him and how many times they need to eat daily and how many hours or minutes until feeding time again. Than you so much.
P.S He is 12 weeks old.

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Answer by erin o
It's a good idea to always have food down for a puppy. They tend to eat as much as they want and not much more. Once the puppy is 6mo then start regulating her food. Feed her twice a day for the recommended amount of food on your dog food label. For a small dog like that it would probably be a half cup twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Answer kirakagome

You can feed him 3 times a day…breakfast lunch and dinner, I don't know how you feel about free feeding, but putting a puppy onto a schedule would be best. This way you will notice if the puppy stops eating. As opposed to always leaving it out and the puppy eats whenever. Also putting the dog onto a schedule will help with potty training. Leave the food down for about 20-30 mins. Measure out the amount you give him, if he eats it all, measure some more out and give it, if he leaves some in the bowl, minus that amount out on his next feeding. This is of course a guideline. Make sure once he is done eating you take him out to the washroom right away. Consistency will help with potty training….you can start with 1/4 and see how he does, e.g. if he eats it all, then he needs more. It would be good to talk to your vet about anything you are unsure about. Good Luck!

Answer lafemmenika26

the same as every other puppy. puppies should be fed three times a day until about 6 months old then go to twice a day. and the bag of food can tell you how much to feed. i have two small breed dogs who eat half a cup twice a day. it varies for the size of the dog, for example. my great dane eats 6-8 cups a day.

DO NOT free feed. all dogs need a set time for feedings, this keeps them on a stable elimination cycle. anyone who free feeds should not own a dog.

each size/breed has requirements, they need a certain amount of protein, fiber, etc…. if i let my westie free feed, she would be dead by now, she has cushings which is very common and un noticed and it makes them THINK they are hungry at all times. my great dane? he's 7 months old, if he free fed he would grow way to fast and could seriously injure his growing bones and forming joints. i really wish people would do more research and learn how to properly care for an animal.


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  1. Diana says

    Shih Tzu puppies should be fed at least 2 times a day with food that are healthy and full of nutrients for them so they won't eat their crap. You should feed your Shih Tzu at about 6:30 in the morning and again at about 6:30 in the evening. Always remember to take him out 10 minutes after eating so he won't crap in your house. You shouldn't ever leave food out for your Shih Tzu for these kind of breed can get overweight easily. The only time you should leave food out for your Shih Tzu is when you're going to be gone for a large amount of time and no one is there to take care of him. Good luck with taking care of your Tzu and I hope you enjoy him!

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