August 7, 2014

How many puppies can an Old English Sheepdog have?

Question by avadog1012: How many puppies can an Old English Sheepdog have and how many times can they have puppies?
I have an Old English Sheepdog. They also are known as bobtails. Please answer. I really need to know even though she can’t have puppies. At least give me an estimate on just an average dog.

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Answer by animluv
about 6-8 pups. and they can have them two times a year.. do the math and thats a lot of puppies!! and not enough homes for them all…

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  1. bzblonde says:

    Why would you need to know if she cannot have puppies??

  2. plynn_03 says:

    Too many and too many.

  3. Average dog equals 5-8 twice a year but just get it nuedered and the females can only do it for a couple years. u can only be so busy =P… that and her system can only take so much. give them to a rescue tho or breed them get a dog farm

  4. NOT a Black St. Bern says:

    Dog should never be bred until they are two. Then they can be bred every other heat until they are 5. Not too many litters is it????
    Each litter can be one puppy, or it can be 10 puppies. Maybe even more.

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