What can you tell me about the old english sheepdog?

*I : old english sheepdog?
how small are they as puppies.....and how big do they get?....Ive seen dogs that look like these but are medium size....is that a different breed or just a young version?....and do they all get HUGE???....i really like those but dont see them 2 often?...whyis that?...are they expensive?
oh now i think im thinking of another dog, but i dont know what its called...it looks just like OES but is HUge....like their head looks like 3times a humans!!! and their tongue is huge 2...any1 know the name?
Old English Sheepdog
Photo Credit: pobre.ch/Flickr

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Answer by Cleoppa
I'm not an expert on the breed, but I'll tell you what I can.

I don't know what you mean by "huge", but all that hair does give an illusion that they're a lot bigger than they are. They're really a medium-sized breed (again, a relative term).

Old English Sheepdogs can be 21 inches and up. Looks like there's no upper size restrictions for the breed. By comparison, the Golden Retriever standard calls for dogs to be 21 1/2 to 24 inches high. Not really a "huge" breed.

There are some breeds that look similar, especially if they're groomed certain ways. Check out pictures of Bearded Collies and Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. South Russian Ovtcharka looks a little similar, but those are really rare and really big.

Generally, dogs from good breeders are expensive because the breeder has gone to a lot of effort to ensure that her puppies are healthy. The specific tests vary by breed, but this often means she's tested the parents for hip, eye or ear problems. Also, she's proven that her dogs look or act like the breed she says it is. This means that her dogs are champions (they look like Old English Sheepdogs) and/or they have herding titles or herding work (they can do the work their ancestors did). Bad breeders have no reason to charge this much money because they haven't made the same effort, but they see the good breeders do and think they can too.

But OES are a pretty healthy breed and easy birthers, so I don't think they'd be extraordinarily expensive compared to some breeds.

There's a lot of great breeds of dog that are rare. Some just haven't been thrust into the limelight and some just aren't a good fit for most people. OES, I'd think, aren't that popular because they have a lot of hair to groom. This means that you need to keep the snarls out, keep them trimmed, be splashed by wet beards, etc. A great breed, but not for everyone.

Answer by sweetgurl
they do get big if you have seen one that has been medium size it has either been a) an unusually small OES b) not full grone yet. and yes they can be expensive

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  1. Erin Higy says

    We have a female OES puppy right now and they don't stay small very long. At 8 months, she is already close to 60 pounds.

    Smaller than an OES is a bearded collie.

    A larger dog similiar to an OES might be a Newfoundland. They can also have similiar colors and fur.

    The dogs aren't seen a lot, that's for sure. I've heard them referred to as a "Yuppie breed". They can be expensive. We paid $ 500 from a breeder. We got to meet both parents and had pick of the litter.

  2. I'm bored says

    They are great dogs, need ALOT of caring though and they are big.

    You should do a bunch of research on them.
    The dog that looks like them are the Bearded Collie. They are considerably smaller, just as adorable.

    Here is the Bearded Collie

    Both are herding dogs.

    Big dogs
    Could be thinking of a Bernese Mountain Dog ( I want one of these too)


    or a Newfoundland (all I know is they drool)


  3. 2thedogs says

    Some good friends of mine have an OES and he is about 65 pounds full grown. Looks a lot bigger when his hair is fully grown and brushed, but when they shave him in the summer he's a lot smaller looking. He's a great dog! Very loving and playful. I think he's pretty average sized for the breed.

    I think they aren't super popular so aren't that common in general. They got their dog from a breeder in canada actually.
    Like any well bred dog they can be expensive if you find a good breeder, but it's worth it, you get what you pay for!

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