How many puppies can a Cocker Spaniel have?

Chaos4ever5135: How much puppies can a Cocker Spaniel have?
What’s the minimum and maximum of puppies could an adult Cocker Spaniel have? I want to make sure if I can take care half of them and the other half to my cousins (of the total number of puppies). It would be hard work but I don’t want to sell them to the pet stores. No way would I do that.

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Answer by MJane
Don’t breed. Please. There are thousands of animals dying in shelters everyday. Spay your dog.

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  1. -Nicole. says

    dont breed, please! there are too many dogs in this world, too over-populated. Rescue dogs please!

  2. Risa L. says

    They average amount is 5!!
    Maybe 6!
    Make sure your cousins can take good care of your cockers

  3. texelgirl2 says

    why would you breed a dog just to own all the puppies… thats really a dumb ideal.. you must be a kid… just dont do it and your cousin shouldnt do it either… a dog can have any number of pups… from 1 to 15 it just depends on the mother.

  4. ♥Love is a Wo says

    how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood.

    Ranges from 1-7 averaging 5

  5. Lian says

    A heathy amount is mabey 3 to 7 I guess( Dont breed really I meen it , people just dont under stand the danger!!)

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