Can I leave a Cocker Spaniel dog alone for a few hours a day?

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I went to the animal shelter today and fell in love with a cocker spaniel. I've had other dogs but never a cocker spaniel. Can anyone who has one tell me alittle about their personalities and how they like their dog? I work for a few hours during the day, 4 days a week so the dog would be alone in the house for awhile. I know some dogs can handle being alone better than others and I want to hear from some cocker spaniel owners. Thanks :)
I did get some info from the shelter...
*1 owner, prev owner had to move and couldn't keep
*house broken, doesn't have accidents
*good on a lease
*was crated at night
*name of the vet he was taken to regularly....
Cocker Spaniel  photo
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I spent some time with him and hes so sweet but I just my main worry is about the little guy being alone during the day for a couple hours...
I can't spell :) I meant I GUESS my main worry is about him being alone.

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Answer by nodesignerdogs4me
my experience has always been diff with anyone i have been around.
I believe that not one dog is the same (reguardless of breed) one breed may be more prone to bark than another but i think they all have diff personailities, fears, pet peeves.
Talk with the shelter about the dogs character. given it may not be actually how the dog will be once she gets use to you.
Good luck.
thnks for saving a life.

Answer by a gal and her dog

Aren't cockers cute? They were originally sporting dogs, but have been great family pets for years and years. I hope Liz comes along to answer this - she knows tons about cocker spaniels. I starred it and I hope it catches her eye.

Answer by Michelle J
I had a Cocker Spaniel growing up. Patches I have to say he was great but keep in mind that all dogs have their own personalities. The are not timid dogs. As long as they are trained they are great dogs. The dog will be fine in the house alone.

Answer by ahorsepersonisme
ok they r very hyper most of the time, and impatiant. but, they are VERY sweet and lovable. sorta like a big shi-tzu. it really depends on which 1 u get. bigger ones usually are calmer.

Answer by rjn529
Dogs are all different, even dogs of the same breed and even within the same litter. The shelter might be able to give you some background or at least some thoughts based on what they have seen with the dog.

As for cockers, generally speaking - - -
They are heart dogs, mid size so they fit well in city life, as well as loving to run in the country.
They do need to be groomed regularly (every 8 weeks or so).
Many dogs of this breed do have some troubles with housebreaking and can be prone to house accidents, however, this can be worked through with proper training.
Cocker's are typically even tempered, upbeat, energetic dogs that love people and think the person's lap nearest them is where they need to be.

Answer by ann s
cocker spaniels are great dogs. in general (but keep in mind each dog is different from the next ) i have owned cocker spaniels,cocker mixes and Brittany spaniels before.
cockers are very sweet dogs and are very people orientated. they like to be with their family as much as possible and many spaniels will follow you from room to room and be your shadow. they can be every high energy dogs and they really like to play,yet they like to relax by your feet. cocker spaniels can be great with kids and other dogs. most cocker spaniels actually prefer to have a playmate. unfortunately due to poor breeding many cocker spaniels have not been well socialized. Cocker spaniels have a a very fun loving ,enthusiastic attitude. they are happy when you are happy and are very intelligent breed of dogs. cocker spaniels require regular grooming to keep their coat in good shape.
needless to say these are extremely loving dogs .
I suggest asking the animals shelter any question you have .most dogs are required to be screened before being adopted. they should be able to tell you if this cocker spaniel is good with kids,dogs and cats. if you do decide to adopt him ,you might want to consider crate training to allow him to adjust to his new home.

edit : he sounds like a great dog. cocker spaniels can suffer from seperation anxiety but he sounds like he is already well trained. since he is already crate trained then he will have an easier transition to his new home. most people arent with their dogs 24/7 and they dogs are fine. just allow him time to adjust to his new home, and create a schedule for him.such as when he eats, when he gets walked , when he 's in his crate etc. if you are able to adopt him on a weeknd (if you dont work on weekends that is ) then this would be a good option so he has time to get settled in before he is left alone. i think he would make a great friend for you and he will be very happy for such a great home.

Answer by kpaschke
I had a cocker and a cocker poodle mix. They were both great and loving dogs. Also, very loyal. They required a fair amount of exercise, because they can easily become overweight. They are also prone to ear infections, because their ears are so long and trap moisture. These cockers were left home for 8 hours a day alone, and were very well behaved. They were both very easy to potty train as well. The cocker that wasn't a mix was like a garbage disposal, though. Food couldn't be left out where she could get it because she would eat anything, and sometimes she would get into the garbage. I don't think that is a typical cocker trait, though, it was just part of her individuality. All in all I would say that cockers are really great dogs! Best of luck to you!

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  1. dolly says

    Cocker spaniels are wonderful dogs! My uncle rescues them and swears he would never own another breed. I also own a one year old pure bred cocker spaniel and she is just the biggest sweetheart. They do need exercise (like any dog), a half hour game of fetch or a walk or two a day suffices. My pup is always calm indoors, and wonderful with my one and two year old toddlers. She likes to run when outside which I think is a breed characteristic, so I would suggest keeping your dog leashed or in a fenced yard until you know its personality.

  2. maxmom says

    I say go for it. If he has problems being alone a few hours a day, you can crate him.

    Note: they need daily exercise, like walks.

  3. acres2004 says

    Nice loyal dogs.But I notice no one has mentioned there medical downsides too.
    Big floppy ears mean big vet bills! Because the ear flap (pinna) is so big and hairy, it stop air circulating in the canal.
    The air ends up moist and humid and they end up with horrid, and sometimes chronic, ear infections (otitis externa). They can also be prone to getting grass seeds in there ears (due to the hair on the pinna) and also between the toes.
    They have quite saggy lips, which can lead to lip fold dermatitis which can be uncomfortable for them.
    Eye problems are also a common cocker trait. In turned eye lids (entropion) cause the eyelashes to rub the corneal surface and can cause corneal ulceration.
    They can also have a problem with tear production causing them to have chronically dry eyes (Kerato-conjunctivitis sicca).
    Other than this they are affectionate sweet dogs!!!!!!!
    Dont let this put you off getting one. I just think people should be made aware of the downsides to individual breeds.

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