How long to walk my Siberian husky puppy?

Kevizzle!: How long should I walk my Siberian husky puppy?
I’m about to get a siberian husky puppy, Its 8 wks old.
Since its getting colder, I was wondering how long I should walk him, I don’t wanna get him sick or anything.
It does rain alot here so the ground is wet 70% of the time, & It usually does snow a fair amount also.

But I am also aware these dogs are bred for the snow, Cold weather, Etc.

Thanks for any answers, They are much appreciated!

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Answer by Bill L
As often as you can. Don’t worry about him getting sick.


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  1. IamJuliet says

    it gets to be about -50 where i am and all of our huskies LOVE it. so don't worry about the cold

    siberian huskies, until older, should only be walked for 2 25 minutes a day, overdoing it can cause damage. so two 25-minute walks and outside lots!

    good luck

  2. WolfFan123 says

    i would say 30 to 45 minutes a day and play with your pup too and be more worried about you than the the husky they have a big coat :)

  3. Michael says

    Huskies are the outdoor kind of dog. I agree to try to take it slow/short while he is little, but often (4-5 times a day at least). Also huskies are runners. It is going to have a lot of energy. They like to get out and RUN. Dont chase after it when it does or he will think you are playing and just run some more. I recommend getting him back with a reward and don't scold him when he comes back because he won't realize that you are scolding him for running away but for coming back. Every husky I had in Wisconsin liked the water and was not bothered by the cold, but they are very active dogs. Also the frequent walks will help with potty training.

  4. Lilasianfrog says

    Walking your puppy husky has more to do with training him that giving him exercise. Be sure they got their 2nd series of puppy shots and avoid grass, sand box and bushes.
    5 minutes walks should be enough for a puppy under 5 months. After that you can slowly increase to half hour, but not pulling or long jog. Once they reach 18 months they should be fine with strenuous exercise.

    Puppies shouldn't exercise aggressively anyway until they are one year or so, to avoid any damage to the bones and joints.

  5. ari says

    walk him twice a day for about 15 minutes each when it starts to get very old only take him out for about 10 minutes each, for a treat take him on a really long walk and that will keep him happy for the day!

  6. Tess is my BC&Millie says

    Once your dog has had all vaccinations you can take him out.
    I wouldn't worry too much about him getting sick, however, i would not take him out long to begin with, whether it's dry or wet.

    Walking your pup too much and for too long isn't too good for growth…i would take him out 15 minutes, twice a day. Then as he gets older you can gradually increase the time, length and how many times per day your walks are.

    Until he has had all his jags why not work on leash training? This will be great for when he can go out walking.

  7. Beaa. says

    You can't walk him til after his shots anyway.
    Build it up – just down the road at first, so like 5 mins, 10 mins, 20..etc.

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