How long does a samoyed hair grow?

haruko: How long does a samoyed hair grow?
Well i went to get my dog groomed and basically they cut the dog’s hair really short and it’s a samoyed and i want to know how long does it take it grow?

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Answer by G G
Why did they cut his hair? A Samoyed’s hair should never be cut – it protects them from the cold in winter and from the sun in the summer. I would absolutely never return to that groomer – they obviously do not have experience with northern breeds.

His hair should grow back with his next shedding cycle.

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  1. Michelle M says

    Please tell me that you did not have your Samoyed shaved…
    This breed dose get long hair like a shih-tzu or Maltese..Also double coated dogs should (NOT) be shaved this will damage the dog coat..These breeds were not designed to be clipped they have double coats for a reason whats sad is new groomers today are not tough this because it all about the money..What happens is shaving these breeds damages the hair follicles when this happen it will mess up the way the hair grows the coat may come in different in some areas then others it can even change the texture of the coat some times small or large areas may never grow in only the guard hairs I have even see dogs that don't blow coat any more and this can be very dangerous to the dog because that can't blow what they grew for winter it would be like you putting on lots of layers of clothing top that off with more layers of coat then you can never remove them you would be very uncomfortable dog need to shed it a very natural proses messing with it like having your dog shaved when your dog is blowing coat messes up the whole system..This can lead to skin problems in the dog..

  2. snowy says

    A samoyed is a breed that has a double coat. Except for surgeries or matting so severe it would be cruel to do otherwise, their coat should NEVER be cut, even in warm climates. If your groomer did not know this, you need a knew one. The double coat serves to keep them cool as well as warm, and, if you live somewhere warm, a samoyed can overheat or burn easier without it. I don't know how long it will take to grow back, but it more than likely won't be the same as it was before. It may be permanantly dull and ruined due to being clipped.

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