How far to run my Siberian Husky and when should i feed him?

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Walter: How far should I run my Siberian Husky and when should i feed him?
I’ve a 13 month old male siberian husky and each morning I take him for a 5 mile run ( i’m on a bike). I get up at 5.20am. When we get back he only gets a dental stick until i feed him at 6pm three cups of royal canin sensitive. Basically i was wondering is this too early to take him out and should i feed him straight after the run? Also is three cups enough?

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Answer by JenVT
Check the side of the bag and feed the most recommended for his age and weight since he gets so much exercise. And split it up between two feedings. I am sure that you shower, etc.. after your run, so feed him about 45 to an hour after you get back and then again in the evenings.

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  1. Pinky says

    You run a good amount with your siberian. But Siberian huskies needs a lot of exercise, so you should also walk with him at night. After I run with my siberian, even if there is food out, she won't eat, just drink a lot of water. Siberian huskies don't need as much food as other breads. But I feed my dog in the morning and at night.

  2. Katy-Leigh says

    Huskies are big dogs, and after a long run in the early morning, he would be very hungry, so giving him a morning meal would be a good idea. About the amount? Try giving him another half a cup to a cup, if he eats it all, he is hungry, if not, then three is fine. But don't be tempted just to over feed him.

    Dogs are up at the break of dawn anyway, so don't worry about what time, however if he is still asleep, 'let sleeping dogs lie', dogs only sleep when they are tired, and shouldn't be woken in the morning. The Distance is no issue, if he isn't pulling on his lead and is happy to keep up, there is no reason why you shouldn't keep up the pace or distance.

  3. A says

    please do not feed your dog straight after his run you WILL give him gastric bloat and possibly kill him. Ok i'll rephrase that sounds awful, if a dog particularly large and giant eat before or after exercise it contributes to gastric bloat so at least wait an hour after the run but you definitely should be feeding more than once a day twice would be best, the vet will tell you when will be best to feed but definitely split the food into two servings giving, you are supposed to feed them little and often to avoid bloat etc. Your dog will tell you if it has run far enough or even too far, your dog should come home and not just flake out it should still have energy to get up and roam about, if it flakes out its too far shorten it a bit each day till he no longer flakes out and if he comes back with too much energy then its not far enough

  4. Loki ❆ Wolfchild says

    Cooler is better for a running dog – so 5:20 is definitely not too early. In fact, if it's over 40 degrees F when you run him then, I'd still say it's too warm and you should watch for signs of overheating.

    Remember that this is a breed that is happy at 0 deg. F, and really doesn't hit their stride until it's -20 deg. F.

    I would certainly NOT recommend feeding him directly after the run, since an elevated body temperature and increased air intake may cause digestive problems. 3 cups is probably sufficient for a dog of his age. My 65 male Siberians get only 3.5 cups daily, and that is during the winter when they are sleeping in below zero temperatures and running 10+ miles daily pulling a loaded sled. In the summer, they get 2.5 – 3 cups.

    This is a food-thrifty breed. If you need to feed more than that to keep weight on your dog, there may be a health problem.

    Good luck!

    ADD: Whether you want to feed once or twice daily is up to you, but the breed does fine eating only once a day. Even my puppies go from twice a day to once a day at about 6 months old.

  5. walK_iN_paranoiA says

    It's not too early to take him out. Huskies love to run, as I'm sure you've noticed! You should be feeding him breakfast AND dinner though. Split your meals in half. 1.5 cups in the morning, and 3 cups in the afternoon.

    Did you start 5 miles gradually? Even though Huskies are strong runners, you should not have started intense running until they're one year old, which yours is. This is to allow their skeletal system to finish developing. If you've been doing this for awhile, I'm sure your Husky thinks 5 miles is a walk in the park, and could stand for an evening run too!

  6. yahoomember says

    You can't run your dog straight before or after feed as dogs stomach needs least 2 hours to settle down before or after run, it would cause stomach twisted, but walk is fine, not fast run while food in stomach. As I am recently becoming guide dog owner and I was trained how to look after my guide dog, I was told that don't run dog less than 2 hours after or before feeding. I have 30kg weighted Lab retiever I feed her 5+5oz maxi royal canin per day

  7. Herbie&Fern-my BF&#0 says

    With a large breed like a Husky, I would feed him twice a day. Once after the run and then once again at 6pm.
    I have a 15kg Springer who is fed 2 cups of JW in the morning and then 2 cups in the eveing, so I woulod say to increase the food intake.

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