How do you Tell a pittbulls bloodline?

Cedric A: How can you Tell a pittbulls bloodline?
My Pittbull is a Red nose, white with chocolate spots all over.

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Answer by Rachel – Pit Police
You cannot determine bloodline by her appearance. That’s info you should have got from the breeder.

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  1. fruitcake says

    the only way you can tell is by getting the 5 generation certificate when you register a dog, you can't tell by just looking at a dog

  2. dickensshemica says

    its true you cant tell by its appearance but there are simple blood test to tell you a little more about your pit and there are some places that will help you find the bloodline of your dog.

  3. Rise Again says

    There's only ONE *T* in PIT!!!!
    "Rednose" is only a COLOR description! Used by crooks to SCAM the lazy gullible boobs into imagining it's rare & wonderful.
    If you got a pos from some puppymilling nitwit …W/OUT a PEDIGREE & REGISTRATION,you have a MUTT

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