How do you give an energetic Yorkie a haircut?

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Niki: How do you give an energetic one year old Yorkie a haircut?
My yorkie is one year old and I need to trim his hair, but he gets extremely hyper or energetic when I try to cut his hair. Is there some sedative that I could give to him? Someone told me that Benadryl could be used and when I looked it up I could not find anything. His hair is getting tangled and mangled because he acts the same way when I try to brush his hair so it is hard to just brush his hair. Please help me–how can I brush his hair and trim it to keep his coat in a good condition?

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Answer by Bambi
With a little dog, you can brush their hair easier if you pick him up and hold him in one hand, on your hip. It’s hard for dogs to struggle in that position, and they’re high up so they usually don’t want to.

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  1. Whippet keeper says

    Exercise him first so he is tired. Use a leash and tie him to something, make the leash short, but so he can still sit and lay down…so you can keep both hands free. Start by brushing him, just one section at a time. For a short time. Don't let him bite you or the brush. Stop at a time he is being good.

    Brush him every day. Use the leash and keep him calm and under control. Neuter him, if he's not already.

    Consider investing in a grooming table, grooming arm and grooming noose…'s how pro's train them.

    Be gentle, yet firm. Do not yell at him or give in to him.

    Take him to a groomer for a haircut or you could injure him. Wiggly puppies are at risk for major injury by their owners using scissors.

    Take him to obedience classes….I like AKC Obedience Clubs….check the AKC site for clubs near you. Train him to sit-stay and stand-stay and down-stay for easier grooming.

    Waiting till he is a year old to train him for grooming will make it more difficult, but NOT impossible. I trained my clients also to "RELAX" which meant down stay but on their sides so I could check their belly areas and brush armpits etc….

    Sedating a puppy is NOT a good idea. It still won't make YOU an expert. Once the groomer trims him, he'll be easier to keep up. BUT my Yorkie clients were on 4 week schedules…..very rarely have I ever met an owner who could keep them up themselves. If you cannot afford a groomer you bought the wrong breed !

  2. sagebrushdelite says

    Rather than taking a chance of injuring an expensive little dog, why not a fast trip to a good groomer. They don't cost all that much and they do have the proper equipment and training. There are sedatives for dogs but vets usually only prescribe them for dogs that are deathly afraid of going to the vets. I've even found my vet to be an awesome groomer.

  3. Gringo says

    I don’t like to see people just arbitarily ‘sedate’ a dog. That is what is being suggested when you have been told to give it Benadryl. Have you considered taking him to a professional groomer to be groomed and then getting suggestions from the groomer how to keep his coat free of tangles? The groomer would be your best source for helpful hints how to keep his coat looking it’s best.

  4. minnie says

    How about a groomer? Who also does the ear and nails and anal glands if needed? If you don't have the cash, do you know someone who is a groomer? A friend of a friend or something?

  5. monkeymomma46 says

    if you can't the pay a groomer to do it ! They can do it alot eaiser !! you have to train a dog for grooming it yourself when it is a pup , starting at 6 weeks of age so they will get use to it !! If you never done it every week sense it was a young pup then it will never let you now !! so then you;d have to use a groomer !!

  6. Jules says

    Talk to your vet and see if there is a pill you can give him just when you need to get his hair cut that will calm him or slow him down. Something like a doggie downer.

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