How do I train my labrador not to run away?

chrissy2545: How to train my labrador not to run away or try to run?
I need help training my AKC 1 year old yellow labrador retriver to not run away because one time when i opened the door to take the trash out she ran out and almost got ran over so i really need to train her to stay with me when i go outside and when i take her places. Thanks (please help someone)

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Answer by BYBs cause suffering and death
1) Obedience classes

2) Put her on a leash before opening the door.

3) Block off the front door area so she can’t get out when the door is opened.

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  1. Danica11111111111111 says

    I also have a lab but I started training her as a puppy. When we would go into the front yard I would let her wander in the yard and explore but as soon as she walked to that point to where the yard almost ends, I would go stand in front of her and tell her "NO, STAY IN THE YARD", pick her up and put her into maybe the middle of the yard.
    After repeating that over and over she eventually learned that she can only go until a certain point and she doesn't go out the yard unless I go on the outside of my yard and call her to come.
    Hope I was able to help =]

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