How do I train a dog to walk with a leash?

Ex-Blondie: How to train a dog to walk with a leash?
My puppy is 3 months old and a German Shephard/Alaskan Malamute(sp?) mix. He is afraid of the leash and every time I try to put it on him, he howls and yelps like he is being killed or tortured and fights it with all his might. Once I get it on, he fights it SO hard that he chokes himself and he refuses to even try to let me lead him around with it or anything. How can I get him to stop being afraid of it and start to teach him how to be led properly?

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  1. quietgirla says

    I have two chocolate labs. When they were puppies all they wanted to do was play. They hated the leash. They did not mind their collars. So I saw on PBS a dog training special. The trainer said tie a string around the collar so it hangs. This way they get used something hanging off of their collar. I did it and it worked. Then I took them out for a walk. They pulled the whole way. The vet said get a choke chain. Put it on so it looks like a P(so it will tighten and release right away) not a 9 or a b(if put on this way the will not release when pulled). If they act up pull the leash it will tighten and release give the dog the command you want for me it was walk. Part of the problem is the dogs are excited about being in unfamiliar territory. Once they got used to walking up the street and the combination of the collar they calmed down. Then you don't need the choke collar anymore. I didn't want to use it but the vet said it was OK. I didn't have to use it long at all. then we went back to a regular leash. Now they go get their leash and bring it to me when it is time for their walk. They really know what time to get the leash. Just be patient.

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