How do I take care of a siberian husky dog?

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David: How to take care of a siberian husky?
im moving into a house with a big backyard so im planning on buying a siberian husky. can u please tell me how to take care of it. thank u

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Answer by °ºmEgaN¤
If you can’t even do your own research about the breed, you shouldn’t be getting a dog.

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  1. J'sHuSkY says


    I'm hoping that large back yard of yours is fenced in with 6 ft+ fencing and cinder blocks or chicken wire buried underneath?

    Can not be trusted off leash, will run and not return. Have been known to kill small dogs, cats, anything that runs and even small children.

    The fence can NOT be chain link b/c siberians climb it and there needs to be something buried underneath to prevent digging out which can happen in less than 5 minutes.

    They were bred to RUN and WILL not come back despite the area of land.

    Electric fences and Shock collars DO NOT work. They have a triple coat that most dogs do not have and have an incredible amount of pain tolerance. The rescue I volunteer for WILL NOT adopt to people with these.

    Great with kids, need to be supervised with children under 13. There was a case in Ohio last September of a Siberian who killed a 3 day old infant thinking it was a squeeky toy.

    They WILL kill cats, small dogs or anything smaller then them that moves. The rescue get's calls all the time from people who want to surrender their siberian b/c it killed the family cat. Some go years before an incident.

    Siberians NEED to be crated while away in seperate crates. They have horrible seperation anxiety and will Destroy anything that smells like you.

    Do you have time to devote to 2-4 mile walks Daily?

    Do you have 30 minutes a day to devote to brushing?

    Are you willing to give up wearing dark colored clothes?

    Do you mind having hair in your food?

    Do you mind waking up with hair in your mouth?

    Do you have a good pet hair vacuum?

    Do you have money to take the puppy to training classes b/c it's going to be needed to teach them how to walk properly on a leash?

    Do you have $ 700-over $ 1,000 to spend on a well bred siberian, who's parents are PennHip or OFA and CERF certified and champions?

    Or do you have a couple grand to spend on hip and eye surgerys in later years from purchasing from a bad breeder?

    This is NOT a breed to be taken lightly. I'd say the only good thing about this dog is their looks. I also like the amount of energy but it can get annoying.

    Read ALL info on this site under Sections: on left.

  2. Lunamist27 says

    Siberian Huskies
    This is what I have people do before they buy a puppy from me. Do there research on the breed. Make sure you have a fenced in yard and the fence is at least 6 feet high ( Siberians do jump and climb) Make sure the dog can not dig out of the yard either. Huskies are a very active breed, So make sure this is the breed for you. Second make sure you spay or neuter your pet when you get it. Don't litter. I make people that are interested in my puppies fill out an application before they get approved. Think this over and make sure this is what you want. Good luck.

  3. Cod4Masta says

    Well first of all, go do research, and then if there are still some questions you may have, come back here. You can't always expect people to tell you everything.

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