How do I get rid of tear stains on my American Eskimo puppy?

jadedsue: How do I get rid of tear stains on my 6 month old American Eskimo puppy?
I have 3 American Eskimos and my oldest two never had a problem with tear stains. They are standard size and shouldn’t have tear stains like some of the toy breeds. It doesn’t look bad enough that he should need to go to the vet, but I want to find something safe to use in/or around his eyes.

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Answer by dogdude1969
there are comercial tear stain removers at pet stores that work well. I have used these before and they work well.

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  1. tlctreecare says

    They make a wipe especially for tears stains that is safe to use close to the eyes. You can get them in a pet store. Much like a baby wipe but smaller for eyes.

  2. Daedelus says

    I have a standard Eskimo as well, and he's had this problem for years. I prefer to limit medications so I just clean his eyes daily with a cotton ball dampened with lukewarm water. Aren't they the best breed?

  3. MayberryNR5 says

    Our dog ( english yellow lab) has that sometimes… Use a clean cloth with warm water..genlty wipe away the tears. He may grow out of this ..but ask the vet next time you go in if it is a problem.

  4. archiebunker says

    You can not get rid of the stains but take a warm wet cotton ball to clean his eyes of guck everyday. Vaseline is good for around the eyes as well, especially when you are bathing them so they do not get soap in their eyes.

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