What are the differences between American Eskimo and Japanese Spitz?

Question by Poms: American Eskimo vs. Japanese Spitz?
What's the differences in temperament? Health? Noise levels?

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Answer by Sandgroper
The American Eskimo is a small to medium-size Nordic-type dog, which looks like a miniature Samoyed. There are three varieties: the toy, miniature, and standard. They are an affectionate, loving dog, hardy and playful, they are excellent with children. Because of the dog's high intelligence and their willingness to please, they are easy to train.
Toy 9-12 inches 6-10 pounds
Miniature: 12 to 15 inches 10-20 pounds
Standard: 15 to 19 inches 18-35 pounds
Prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Pay close attention to the eyes and tear ducts. Some are allergic to fleas. This breed can gain weight easily if it does not get enough exercise and or they are overfed. They do need regular exercise and training when young as they can be a bit overprotective if not socialized. Needs regular brushing!

The Japanese Spitz
A small to medium dog with a white "off-standing" coat and expressive dark eyes, their head reaches a little below knee height, If you want them to run in the park with you they will gladly do so. However, they like a cuddle and being loving and companionable, are more than happy to sit with you while you watch T.V. or do the gardening. Independant but can bond very closely to a few people. As pups need to be trained constantly, will be yappy if you can't find an appropriate method to stop this, very fast learners but you will need to constantly stimulate them so they don't yap for fun or become less close with you
Can be dominant over other dogs and people, heel nippers and bark and bigger dogs (a slight little dog complex). Need to be brushed regularly, 3 times a week.

A very sound dog medically, Luxating patellas have been found in some lines, and this can be aggravated by obesity, now due to the careful breeding and bringing in imported dogs and bitches this problem is not anywhere the problem it was.

So, they are both intelligent dogs, love being with their owners, the american Eskimo needs a little more exercise, and the Japanese Spitz is probably a bit gentler. The Japanese Spitz has less inherited conditions, both live to approx 15 years. They both need training when young, as both are intelligent and if untrained with become dominant and stubborn. The American Eskimo is probably a little less yappy.

If your interested in these breeds, try to find a breeder nearby and ask if you can come and visit there adult dogs, I am sure they can give you a better idea of the faults in their dogs.

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