August 29, 2014

How do i get a pitbull clean?

Question by gho5t90: How do i get a hyper pitbull clean?
I have a white pitbull and he is almost brown right now lol. He runs from the water hose and there is no way i can get him in any kind of tub. I even tried to pet him with a wet rag but he knew what i was trying to do and wouldnt come near me.

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Answer by mmcrobinson
time for you to either get on a bathing suit and wash your dog with a hose out side or find a groomer to clean him up…

Good luck

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  1. Les_Football_Mom says:

    My Pit HATES water and baths. When weather permits, I use her short leash (18 inches) and tie her to the fence and bath her.

    But during the winter months (I live in Minnesota) I take my girl to the groomer.

  2. animal lover says:

    make him tired first, keep him occupied, let him run in the yard, get him used to water first take him to the pool let him have a great time in the water, don't let him be scared of water, show him all the other dogs are in the pool and there is nothing to be afraid of.

  3. Plumjade says:

    Put a leash on him and possibly a muzzle… and tie the leash to a pole so he can't get away.

  4. ‚ô™Majestik moose&co says:

    step one.
    put dog on a leash, so he cannot avoid you.

    step two:
    wash dog anyway. you are the human.


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