How do i control the body order of my mini Schnauzer dog?

wpcamper: How do i control the body order of my 1 year old mini Schnauzer?
She is one year old and inside most of the time. She is out to do her business, Shampooed about 3-5 days apart. Oatmeal shampoo or anti flea shampoo is used. She smeals bady almost by thed time she is dry. Is this a Schnauzer trait. HELP

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Answer by willhemina31
Is it her body or ears that smell? If its coming from her ears, it could be an ear infection.

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  1. piper says

    Ear infection is a definate possibility, but allergies, diabetes, thyroid problems, cushings disease, and several other metabolic problems (several of which are common in schnauzers) can also cause body odor. Please go see your vet.

  2. Superfro says

    I second the suggestion to check the ears. Also, maybe the teeth. And if they have any folds of skin or wrinkles near the face, do Schnauzers have any of those? I have a pug with a face wrinkle and it needs cleaning or it smells.

    Have you tried a professional cleaning with a blow dry? I'm just curious if you have the same problem then. LIke, could it possiblybe residue left over from the shampoo, or because of particular sediments in your water (and I only say that because I personally have very hard water and when the filters are getting dirty my dog smells like stinky fetid water after washing her).

    And what sort of smell is it? A little musty/musky/Earthy? Then the ears could be the problem. If you call the vet be sure to describe the type of odor you are smeling, that can better help them recommend somehting and determine if your baby needs to be brought it for a check-up.

    Good luck with your pooch!

  3. sweet serinity says

    she could have a skin condition…usually dogs have that "wet dog" smell after getting washed but then once dry it goes away….you can call your vet for advice, they don't charge ya for that….maybe get something with aloe in it

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