What breed gets along with a Miniature Schnauzer dog?

KellahPanda: What breed of dog gets a long with a Miniature Schnauzer?
I'm interested in getting a second dog in the future. I have a Miniature Schnauzer currently and I'm wondering what breed get along with Schnauzers?
She is a pure bred.
Sorry, spelling error *along.

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Answer by Lout Rampage
A long what?

Answer by magnetic_azimuth

it is all about socializing your dogs

i have a german shepherd that i can take anywhere, any animal, monkey, child, dog, turtle, rabbit, political hack, or lawyer and he does not mind, does not care, and unless they can throw a ball for him to chase, they are not of interest to him.

he does play with any dog that will play with him however, but since cattle don't play, he ignores them

he does not like tools of any kind however.

Answer by Sam

Well I have a mini one He's a boy He Is ONLY aggressive with our neighbors dogs … but not other dogs? My family and I want to get another dog Except we want a lager dog? Do u think He will fight and Be aggressive with the larger dog say If we got a giant schnauzer? Thanx…. Please answer

By the way He has stayed out our dog sitters house with many other dog sometimes even 10 other dogs and he does just fine.

Answer by Deb

We have a mini schnauzer and adopted a retired military GSD 2 years ago. They get along fantastic. Of course since Zoe (mini schnauzer) was ours before Heidi (GSD) she still thinks she is the boss but Heidi is okay with that. Wonderful combination! Would pair again in a heartbeat with no worries.

Answer by the flaming poo

DONT LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE I HAVE MINI SCHNAUZERS(2) AND THEY R SUPER SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They get along well with each other and we have a Jack Rusell that yes is not their favorite but thats just cause shes annoying:)
at one piont weve had 4 schnawzers at one time under one roof
They can ge use to any other dog but dont do to well with big dog

Answer by MissMay

My parents have a basset hound and a miniature schnauzer who get a long just great. They cuddle and play, super cool.

Answer by the Lilla

any dog breed can. it all depends on how you raise and train them. if raised with the Schnauzer, it should get along with it.


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