How do I calm down my Siberian Husky?

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JabbaG: How do I calm down my Siberian Husky when company comes over?
I have a porebred siberian husky. she never bites except when we play and wrestle. but when company comes over she goes bullistic and runs around and shes hard to control. she’ll jump on our guests and scratch them. unintentionally of course but shes just too wild? how do we train her to calm down. she’s alredy 2.5 years old

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Answer by John M
give her something else to do when your Friends come over something she like better than all the new people and smells they bring with them also have them bring treats that she only gets when she calms down and sets or does a trick hope this helps JOHN

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  1. Trista Mathieus says

    how do i calm down my Siberian Husky puppy when i feed her? she acts like shes never eaten before. what do i do to calm her down? when i hold her back from her food she gets mad at me and kinda growls, i say no and don't let go until i feel she is calm but she still gets crazy.. i don't know what to do or how to train her to be calm about food.

  2. iFlip says

    I would use a leash on her & have her calmly sit and stay, but you have to do every time someone comes. you may also want to practice with a friend. Have the person who is coming try to ignore her till she calms down. Also try to give her something to do while the people are there. When she gets excited again till her to firly lay down and stay, until she relaxes. if she does it right have the guest reward her while she is still sitting down. I would also try to excersise her before the guests comes, like that morning or before the party; something like that. She just wants to smell all the new smells and meet the new people, it is okay. She just has to learn how to do it calmy and with control. Practice as much as possible till she learns it consistently. Make sure you always end a practice seesion with sucess. Do make sure when she doesn it right, she knows by you rewarding her with a treat or praise like petting her and telling her she is a good girl. in about 5-7 months she will be able to control herself much better when guest come over! Good luck training you dog! i hope you have fun too.

  3. creed says

    she's out of control when ya open the door;; I would use a leash (close) on her & have her "sit" & "stay"; but ya have to do this frequently until she gets the idea;; have her walk closely with you to the area your gonna sit down (heel) & have her lay on the floor next to you;; keep calm, yet firm;; have a friend to hook up with that you can help train her, cuz ya can't just wait until company comes over;; she just needs to learn how to control herself & you need to teach her; cuz right now, you're just letting her get away with it;; you don't have to be harsh, just firm!!… good luck, but in about 6 more months she'll settle down a little more;; just right now, she's learned that this behavior is expected of her…

  4. Luann says

    dont let the guests give her attention, this will excite her even more. if she jumps up on them, have them cross their arms and turn there back. reward her if she is calm. i hope this helps.

  5. Heiyu says

    Tell her no, and do not give her attention when she does this, that only tells her its ok. Try placing her on a leash, and having company come over. Keep control of her on the leash till she calms. You have to teach her that she is to remain calm, or she can not see the people at the door. If she gets on someone, have that person tell her no, and push her off. You have to be firm about it when you tell her not to do it, don't use her name, and let her know that you do not like what she is doing at all.

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